Story of a Wild Elder Sister: Widespread Lynch Law

Story of a Wild Elder Sister: Widespread Lynch Law

Ocho gets abducted by a yakuza clan that uses a gang of women to smuggle drugs in their vaginas. Finding out that the kingpin had killed the last boss and abducted his daughter, Ocho joins forces with the drug mules against the clan.

Ocho is accidentally captured by a drug trafficking cartel who use Chinese women to smuggle drugs into Japan by hiding it in their vaginas. She is tortured, and manages to escape, fighting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Story of a Wild Elder Sister: Widespread Lynch Law torrent reviews

Peter H (mx) wrote: Interesting movie. A different view of the "Ground hog" day effect.

Crystal M (es) wrote: a great Christian movie. and something we all can relate to.

Andrew B (kr) wrote: A Russian Asylum in the middle of a war zone, with Bryan Adams... GeniouS!!!!

Juan M (jp) wrote: Los hombres abandonados... Con una trama conocida, le encajan un hijo y solito solito se las tiene que arreglar, esta pelicula lo muestra desde un costado muy real, con una camara casi documental, y muy buenas interpretaciones (siempre es bueno escuchar a un grupo de negros de Brooklyn) y con muy pocos recursos (muuy indie) logra hacer reir y enternecerse por un rato. Muy buena.

Private U (it) wrote: Concerned about the world your children will inherit? Look at the future through the eyes of Nobel Laureates. "The answer may be simple, but it won't be easy"

Cam L (ru) wrote: I would have wanted to see this film if the critique above hadn't told the ENTIRE story. Thanks Jason Buchanan!

Donnie B (au) wrote: It's funny in the ways that is has to be.

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: There is much to like about this film because it has a good message and features some good performances, although admittedly its biggest star feels a bit out of place. Nevertheless, the themes come across more blatantly than they should, especially during one unexplained sequence that is completely out of left field, and it doesn't help much that the writing falters often down the homestretch. Still, it's a step up from your typical "Christian" film, an accomplishment in and of itself, even though it does leave a lot to be desired and isn't as strong other POW films.

Mithun G (ag) wrote: Taut gripping thriller bout ETA.

Trenton R (de) wrote: Three words: A great movie!!!

Jack R (de) wrote: Amazing documentary, horrifying and truthful art. Crumb is a genius.

Brad P (au) wrote: 3.5/5 - My favourite Friday the 13th film

Scott R (ca) wrote: A slow and thoughtful film telling the story of a man and his daughter.

Devon W (gb) wrote: Some good points, but the whole thing is incredibly dull with questionably long drawn-out segments.

Fred M (jp) wrote: Un vendedor de automviles ha estado metiendo la pata en su oficio por ineptitud, ha tenido que poner de su bolsillo, ha intentado recuperar estafando a sus clientes y ahora necesita un cojonal de plata para salir del enredo. Interpretado por este actor que siempre interpreta fracasados, es angustiosa su falta de carcter, su impotencia ante lo que enfrenta. En una ocasin se lo muestra a travs de los barrotes en su ventana, como en prisin. Los asesinatos cometidos por quienes secuestraron a su esposa son investigados por una oficial embarazada. La constante exposicin a los escenarios del crimen la ha inmunizado contra los sentimientos febriles, lo que le permite disfrutar de las virtudes que ofrece una vida rstica. Ser uno ms de los pueblerinos de cuya simplicidad que raya en el aburrimiento es ella consciente, y a los que la pelcula satiriza. 8.5/10

Collin c (jp) wrote: A sequel better than the first one! the third won't top this!!!!! Smaug the dragon is fantastic and so are most of the other characters

Chad D (nl) wrote: I also never stop never stopping....but it's more entertaining when I do it.

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Story of a Wild Elder Sister: Widespread Lynch Law torrent

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