Story of Wine

Story of Wine

Which wine or story do you want to choose? A Story of the Sweet Taste, a Story of the Luxurious Needs, or a Story of the Passionate Matchmaker?

Which wine or story do you want to choose? A Story of the Sweet Taste, a Story of the Luxurious Needs, or a Story of the Passionate Matchmaker? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Story of Wine torrent reviews

Greg W (nl) wrote: oh boy, another high school outsider bullying movie no new tale to tell here but still watchable

Jimmy L (ru) wrote: This is an important, powerful movie and engagingly tells the story of sex-trafficking. It is impressive in it's accuracy and in the way it pulls the viewer into the lives of the key characters. I came away from this film not only more informed and motivated to do something, but hopeful that good people can come together to end this not only in Cambodia but around the world.

Henry M (es) wrote: This movie just isn't scary... Full of cliches and predictable outcomes (Aside from the twist ending) it just didn't do for me what it did for others. The plot wasn't scary and actually seemed goofy if anything.

John A (de) wrote: An excellent film that deserves a much wider audience, this is easily the best of several recent films on the Rwandan conflict and its aftermath in the last 15 years. Chung's understated style, the easy way of the non-professional actors in front of the camera, the naturalistic humor of the Rwandan countryside, and the thoughtful storyline provides an enriching experience driven by a concern over questions on the meaning of peace, justice, and attaining the well-being of humanity in Rwanda.

Jordon J (mx) wrote: Just a terribly acted confuddled mess of a film, I didn't like any part of it SKIP IT!!!

shiroi s (au) wrote: ha..ternyata film horor tho'

Pekka P (nl) wrote: You know, some movies are so bad that they're great, but this is just bad. It's sleazy enough, though, but I think Mr. Ridgway would've deserved a btetter movie..

Eldin B (kr) wrote: "That's the Sunday school version, yes. How do you think life began? Shooting star? Primordial ooze? In 2300 BC an Egyptian pharaoh found a place that he named The Cradle of Life where we, life, began. And there he found a box, the box which brought life to earth. The pharaoh opened the box but all that was left inside was the "Ramante" or anti-life: The plague which came as the companion to life."

Steve W (ca) wrote: Hidden Assassin is a formulaic action thriller from the director of First Blood. Its neither memorable or bad, just moderately thrilling. The first half is mostly lame chase scenes, but when the action picks up it gets better. The ending is a bit on the anti-climactic side, but overall its right in the middle of skip it or consider watching it.

James W (br) wrote: if you like nirvana it should be something to see but i warn you they cut out parts of songs and of course the main focus is..kurt cobaine :-/

Michael L (br) wrote: Without a doubt, one of the best of the genre. The right amount of atmosphere and tension intermingled with enough scares to shake even the most hardened viewer, Grave Encounters will leave you wanting more and more and more.....

Justin S (us) wrote: Feels like long episode. Lots of cameras, Ari funny as usual. Drama ok, everyone else sucked.