College and high school serve as the backdrop for two stories about dysfunction and personal turmoil.

College and high school serve as the backdrop for two separate stories about cruelty, deception, storytelling, and other people's suffering that are unrelated and have different actors, titled "Fiction" and "Non-Fiction". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alec H (jp) wrote: An intense, unique, and trippy film set in the English Civil War, really awesome visuals and an interesting minimalist approach

Carlos M (jp) wrote: An imaginative, funny and very cute French-Belgian animated movie that proves to be a lot of delightful fun for all ages - especially children, of course, who should love it -, with a good sound design, a great score and a sweet animation in a dialogue-free story.

Doctor S (kr) wrote: Horror flick with Tahyna Tozzi of Beautiful, got some decent critic reviews.

Claire H (kr) wrote: This was really creepy and nerve-racking to watch at times but i really liked it as it had alot of suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Charles H (mx) wrote: This documentary sheds some light on the troubles plaguing the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. While it is informative and intellectually engaging, it falls down when it tries to elicit sympathy for a company from the U.S. that made the mistake of purchasing the power distribution business for Tblisi. Throughout the film, we here grand proclamations of how Corporate America wants to do good for the Georgian people. Throughout the film, it is difficult to take these proclamations seriously. The clincher is in one of the movie's epilogue captions, which tells us that the corporation eventually sold its interests out to a Russian company and that Russia now controls 75% of the power supply in Georgia. Once again, self-righteous and moralizing Americans are complicit in bringing about the worst possible outcome. No suprise there.

Jim S (ru) wrote: Strange story about a young woman desperate for friends and attention who decides to "make her own friend". Very well acted and directed in a style that's very sad at times, this is not a happy movie. It's very gory and a whole essay could be written on the psychology behind what makes May tick. This is sort of a modern take on the whole "Frankenstein" experience. Not bad once you get past the very slow first act.

Rendan L (br) wrote: Immensely enjoyable, energetic, fun, and horrifying all at once. If you can stomach it Trainspotting is highly entertaining. Grade: A-

Giovanni M (kr) wrote: An obnoxious failure of epic proportions.

Marco F (ru) wrote: ROBOCOP 2 is a complete disaster, a film so misconcieved, so distasteful and so unwatchable that the makers at Orion got their just desserts after the studio was bought by MGM- clearly, they could not be trusted to make movies that wouldn't scare away audiences. This is a fun, non-serious, ultra-violent movie- one where children are not only directly involved in the violence, but are also portrayed as violent criminals. I do not understand why Irvin Kershner- director of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and everyone else in an administrative capacity directly responsible for this wretched film decided to make the film this way. I guess they wanted to send out some kind of humanistic message. In a movie like this? What were they thinking?15 minutes into this film- you see babies, less than 6 months old, in the middle of a gunfight- and you hear and see them crying, very scared and totally helpless, and after one of the gunmen holds one of the babies hostage and threatens to kill it with an automatic weapon, you see another child between the age of 12 and 14 say to Robocop (after he hesitated to shoot the armed child) "Can't shoot a kid, can you, fucker." Then he shoots Robocop in the head. When you hear that line spoken, any sensible person would know they can't watch this film any longer. And if you do decide to continue (then you should have your head examined), you see him again- and he is an actual bad guy- a child between those juvenile ages- bribing cops, shooting guns, killing cops and other people, and dealing drugs (fake or real drugs, doesn't matter, the whole experience of watching this film will still have the same impression) and can you even expect to buy that? One would not think about that, because he/she would be too appalled at the filmmakers for creating a character like that. What were they thinking? That that kind of a character would represent an effective message to civilian society? In a not-serious movie like this? What a disastrous attempt at humanity that was.I didn't give the film zero stars because technically, it is a superb piece of filmmaking. The action scenes and special effects are both first rate. Also, the film is actually funny at times, and Tom Noonan is a good villain. But everything else- mostly the child killer and the plot hole-ridden script completely overwhelm those good qualities. This film is totally unwatchable- it really is. It is ground zero of action and science fiction films. This movie is a complete scattershot mess and a fmisconcieved failure- I imagine this film will make every decent person who sees it feel unclean, ashamed and angry.

Greg W (it) wrote: hammer returns to original hammer director terence fisher

Ills G (ru) wrote: A very long joke from the greatest director and greatest actor of our times. Sometimes funny, sometimes atmospheric, sometimes boring and tediously pointless.

Tatsuhito K (ru) wrote: I loved it. "Infinitely Polar Bear" is a terrific film, a heartwarming family drama about family and mental illness. It's also about people growing up, dealing with personal problems, and learning from the loved ones around them. It's full of love toward not just Mark Ruffalo's character, who suffers from bipolar disorder, but toward everyone in this film. It's so warm and so kindhearted, and even when the poignant stuff happened, I never stopped caring about them. Well-made and solidly acted, I just loved it.

Neill J (mx) wrote: Great suspense film - with Malkovich seeming to revel in playing the unhinged bad guy.

Hannah June 3 2008 OMGoodness i LUVED dis mov (it) wrote: OMGoodness i LUVED dis movie!! i would totally act like dese gurls if i was in da '60s and da beatles were playing.. crazay crazay movie