Støv på hjernen

Støv på hjernen

Randi Svendsen is happy. Her everyday life is about keeping windows, floors, and clothes cleaner than the neighbour's. Randi's friend Edna however got a different view on the values of life...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Randi Svendsen is happy. Her everyday life is about keeping windows, floors, and clothes cleaner than the neighbour's. Randi's friend Edna however got a different view on the values of life... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suanne S (mx) wrote: I would like to see this again with friends. What a testimony to Christian love for others this movie is. It sets forth a shining example, in a world filled with rage and indescriminate hate. I was blessed with the opportunity to view this film, that also shows a glimpse into life as a trappist monk.

Caitlin L (it) wrote: Not as good as I thought it would. The chemistry between them is ok.

David K (mx) wrote: Extraordinary performances from Olsen and Paulson. Buried deep within the psyche, the power of indoctrination and cultism lingers while civilian life proves quite a struggle for Martha.A mesmerizing, thought provoking and disturbing drama.

Briana G (it) wrote: This movie was so funny. Omg "she had the body of beyonce and the head of a midget."

Maura G (nl) wrote: A good little ditty. Short and to the point.

Matthew T (au) wrote: Great movie about the power of forgiveness and sacrifice. I would definitely recommend to everyone who can take the violence. A must see.

Darryll H (ca) wrote: a decent enough sequal to under siege, but its far from one of seagal's best

Donnie Ray S (br) wrote: What an achievement this is. The film records two young kids trying to achieve their NBA dream. It captures their lives. It shows one kid's struggle with his father leaving and doing drugs, struggle with being robbed by a school and having to play catch up academically, and the struggle of his family being so poor they sometimes can't pay the electricity bill. It shows the down from how hard life is but shows the happiness they get once their on the court. In the end it shows how much they have matured, saying if that they don't make it to the NBA, they still have much they can do with their lives.

Honor M (de) wrote: It was an interesting movie but the acting wasnt too great.

Ryan S (nl) wrote: Mizoguchi, "the women's director" tells the tale of Otoku, a maid who falls in love with a kabuki actor from a prestigious family causing him to be disowned. Otoku becomes the actor's muse and sticks by him through 5 years of difficulties and poverty before he finally becomes a famous actor resulting from Otoku's sacrifices. The story wasn't particularly engaging for me, being a melodrama it was actually fairly predictable, however these themes being explored in prewar Japan were important and unconventional and the final images were chilling. In this film along with many others, Mizoguchi explores the roles of women in society and their plights, as well as the traditional Japanese family values, and celebration of the arts. Moreso than the themes and narrative itself, I was much more infatuated with Mizoguchi's unique and influential aesthetic. His choice of camera positions is often unique, sometimes placed behind railing or other obstructions, other times at very low angles, or vice versa. This film particularly utilizes a lot of wide master shots that run for long durations without cutting. He also employs some fantastic fluid camera work, chiaroscuro lighting, and meticulous pacing. The distant camera allows the viewer to more actively participate, scanning the frames for the important actions, yet also allowing the freedom to explore.

Ane B (ca) wrote: What a breath of fresh air in the rom-com genre. It has loving characters, a sweet story, an amazing soundtrack and some really tear-jerking moments that will make you fall in love with the film. It's a film with the whole package and definitely one that shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to drama, comedy and romance. A huge thumbs up from me, I'm simply in love with this film.

Mark N (au) wrote: Mitch Pileggi as an electricity based man who kills from beyond the grave. Sounds wonderful no? Maybe for a dark super hero/villain kinda thing but with too small a budget and too few ideas the movie never really takes off.

Inta K (us) wrote: nice horror movie with nice story!