Straight!!' is a funny tale about Pinu, who struggles with himself, his fears and his complexes, to 'come out' as straight and find himself a love story.

After being rejected by women, a restaurant-owner attempts to deal with homosexuality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Straight torrent reviews

Michelle M (mx) wrote: I like the movie.. I saw this movie on CNN but I wish it info on Nixon after the watergate scandals.

Peter T (nl) wrote: Really, really goofy horror anthology, it's not great throughout, but it's pretty funny at times.

Natalie P (au) wrote: Dumb dumb and more dumb. Now I only really picked this movie up because of the two stoner dudes that reminded me of Harold and kumar. Besides them the movie was not funny. It felt like a bad made for tv sci-fi movie. Horrifingly bad. Pass this one up unless you find it very late night.

Martin G (fr) wrote: Oh dear. Even as a fan of low-budget 'mockbusters' this movie left me feeling cold. The acting was atrocious, the characters were inconsistent, the direction can only be described as directionless and the issues with the plot are actually worse than the problems with the snakes. Even a low budget film can be expected to overcome some of the special effect problem that this film had ...... and the effects really were 'special' The type of train that they're on changed numerous times, and there were more carts on the inside shots than there were on the outside shots. I lost track of how many people were attacked by one, normal size snake only for it to instantaneously breed into dozens, or grow ten times in size. (SPOLIERS) I've forgotten the characters names so I'll refer to them based on their 'character' Blondie drug smuggler couldn't make her mind up when getting it on with cowboy cop if she wanted to or not. One shot she looked aroused, the next like she was being raped. Mexican good guy kept changing his belief system from the old ways to the new ways ("Use your magic" to "She needs a real doctor" to somehow having the knowledge of summoning a tornado to capture the giant snake in an amulet) Witch doctor needs to get snake woman to LA as quick as possible and is clearly annoyed when the train is going to make an unscheduled stop. So why the hell does he let the guys die, knowing that they'll create snakes in doing so and cause the train to need to be stopped. The guy who was 'thrown' off the train quite clearly climed down and then jumped - LAME. The end scene, where the giant snake is eating the train ........ for some reason....... the surviving passengers need to jump from the end carraige which we see still riding the rails (in a cgi scen), and yet their propective is high up in the air...... surely it wouldn't have cost any more in cgi to raise the train from the outside shot?? The oh-so witty argument between cowboy cop (or not cop), and middle eastern american sounding cop/not cop; "Trust me" "No trust me" "No trust me" "Trust me" ...... and they're arguing about cowboy stripping off or not ..... at gunpoint...... Awful film, awful acting, I could witter on and on about the lame moments but it would take me longer than the film took to watch. The only reason I gave it one star is because it had the guts to ave a scene where a little girl sees her Mum and Dad killed by a snake, and then see her getting eaten by one as well...... even if it was the same snake that killed all three, and it was too small to eat a person when it killed Mum and Dad, but the perfect size to eat the girl (yes it grew that big that quick for no reason) If you want an enjoyable snake themed camp horror/disaster film - stick with air travel and Samuel L Jackson

Ayesha U (gb) wrote: I don't know where to begin from. Given it was a movie by Etger Keret, I am still trying to absorb the theme of the movie. I will come back to edit this review once I decipher this metaphorical piece. It was definitely worth watching once.

v9y j (nl) wrote: One of the better films of late. Although the writing is a little too simplistic, the director surprises with some thoughtful details. Among some good performances by stalwarts and newbies alike, the girl playing the sister (Shweta Prasad?) really shines. The BGM could have been toned down.

Megan H (au) wrote: i started it went but never finished

Mary Rachael S (mx) wrote: very dark. just the way i like it.

Sami C (mx) wrote: my favorite scary movie eva

Gabriel K (ca) wrote: An amazing performance by Samantha Morton. Unfortunately her character is very ambiguous, and we never really learn of her motivations, so watching this movie is a frustrating experience. Perhaps it's another example of a book that didn't translate well into a movie.

Maxwell D (nl) wrote: A very creative low-budget vampire tale with excellent (if somewhat hammed up) performances by the entire cast. An always welcome presence of David Lynch just adds to the fun. Also has a great shoegazer/trip-hop soundtrack, for those that like that kind of thing. Highly recommended for the slightly more adventurous viewer (some of this film is shot in Pixelvision for those who remember those cameras).

Mike F (us) wrote: This is a lost classic from the "goofy action movies about cops/soldiers/ex-cops/ex-soldiers who are thought to be corrupt but are in fact clean, and thus need help from a hot chick and their own skills to clear their name in the 80's or early 90's" genre of cinema. Thomas Ian Griffith went on to play the lead vampire in John Carpenter's Vampires, while James Earl Jones, Lance Henriksen, Burt Young, and Tony Todd all collected paychecks. Lots of bodies, several bad lines (including "Game time" at the beginning of a fight), four boobs, and one kitten (the feline kind). Classic.

Nicki M (kr) wrote: Initially I found this strangely moving, but the deeper it went into the affair, the less I lost all sympathy for all the main characters. Excepting perhaps the wife, I did feel sorry for her. Nicely filmed and acted, but not the most enjoyable storyline. Kind of off-putting, quite honestly.

Danielle S (us) wrote: liked it better than the schnabel basquiat. raw, clever, and a window into the early 80s new york art scene.

Gretta v (ag) wrote: previse detalja o konjima :)

Timothy B (ag) wrote: Classic Judy Garland in this heart warming family tale. If you don't smile or your heart isn't warmed by Judy singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas then your a big old Scrooge!!

Nick D (de) wrote: not nearly as funny as the series, but some genuine laughs make Thadland worth visiting. score higher than it should be cuz respect that there was enough interest to get it made