Straight Into Darkness

Straight Into Darkness

The movie encompasses several different elements-the perils of war, a touch of macabre, sadness and redemption.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   forest,   american,  

Western Europe, 1945. The gentle, thoughtful, and sensitive Losey and the mean, base, and vicious Deming are two radically contrasting American soldiers who desert their platoons during the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah M (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed it! Interesting, enjoyable and downright hilarious at times :D

Cliff N (ru) wrote: Can I say terrible movie? Aren't there billions of other movies just like this? Maybe with better acting too

Nemesio V (ag) wrote: I love werewolf and vampire movie and this is my favorite movie series I like this because goes back more into history of the vampires and original lycans and get to see the original lycans and also learn why Victor killed Selene's family.

Pete S (es) wrote: Quite a dark psycological thriller.

Russ B (kr) wrote: 9/25/2015: A little predictable, but still a decent movie.

Carlos R (us) wrote: Breathtaking, lovely, moving, and absolutely stellar cast. Finding Nemo is an unforgettable story that adds another amazing addition to the Pixar collection.

Miranda Z (ag) wrote: Pretentious, but self-aware about it. The loosely-connected, vignette-esque nature of the film is incredibly thought-provoking for someone who thinks as disjointedly and randomly as I do. Plus, look, philosophy okay?

Carlos M (de) wrote: Barrymore doesn't look really convincing neither as a dreamy teenager nor as a frustrated 35-year-old mother who threw away her dream, and even though the movie develops its characters as complex people with real problems like those found in real life, the end is disappointing.

Gabriel Arthur P (ag) wrote: This might be the first film I've seen that legitimately glorifies cannibalism. I've seen plenty of cannibal films: "Alive" explored the tragedy of cannibalism; "Cannibal Holocaust" and "Hannibal" exotified cannibalism for shock value; and that's what you usually find. It obviously takes an unusual mind to explore the mythos of cannibalism as a form of enlightenment, and apparently such a mind was present here. "Hannibal" doesn't quite approach the same feat, as the audience is carefully instructed to dismiss Dr. Lecter as an insane person. Here in this film we simply have animals being animals, and it's very strange to behold. Now for technical: everything's great. Even in the dark scenes, the lighting was well done. The acting seems natural. And the music is hideous and beautiful -- it was the score's reputation that drove me to watch the film, and I have to admit that it's very engaging.

The S (br) wrote: One of the, now common, "doom foretold" horror films in the school of classic, The Omen. This one can't quite make it's mind up whether it's here to scare us or shoecase Rachel Leigh Cook's good looks and modelling talent as she slightly spookily plays a central character who is meant to be a few years younger than her. Though not without its flaws, the film has a stong cast, a fair amount of satanic atmosphere occurring and, whilst not offering anything remotely original, should be enjoyable to fans of the genre.

Belinda f (nl) wrote: I have always loved the Ewoks and this movie is better

Jaeyoung L (gb) wrote: What a funny movie! Its story is quite interesting and Audrey Hepburn's acting is really cute and good. Finding true love and catching a playboy :)

Luca D (es) wrote: Mi ricordo che da piccolo questo film mi aveva molto colpito e mi era piaciuto fin da subito. Ora, dopo averlo rivisto, devo dire che il film merita di essere visto e che in parte questo possa essere l'altra faccia della medaglia del film di Spike Lee "fa la cosa giusta". Qualcuno magari si star chiedendo se ho bevuto o cosa, ma ritengo che in entrambi i film si mostri l'odio interrazziale nell'America dei primi anni '90. Infatti durante le riprese del film si stavano svolgendo i moti di protesta a Los Angeles del 1992 (che non si vedono durante il film perch non c'entrano strettamente con la storia raccontata).In questo film non ci saranno le trovate registiche di Spike Lee (e il film di Schumacher sicuramente meno "serio"), per abbiamo un'ottima prova di Michael Douglas

Mary C (ru) wrote: So much fun and a great message for women.

Sean W (ru) wrote: For what it is, it tells its story fairly well, but Patrick Bergin's character appears far too much like a cheesy cartoonish villain to me, spoiling what otherwise looks like a lovely movie about a woman's quest to start a new life. Though Julia Roberts gives a committed performance, the story leaves much to be desired.