Straight on Till Morning

Straight on Till Morning

Brenda moved to London to begin living those intoxicated fantasies that all young women imagine city life to offer. Soon after her arrival she begins a relationship with Peter with whom she is tremendously happy. When she becomes pregnant Peter's behaviour towards her alters as he reveals the most frightening and unpredictable side of his personality. He forces Brenda to listen to a series of recordings, exposing a past of shocking cruelty of sadistic murder.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   search,   dog,  

A timid, withdrawn woman meets a man she believes is finally the love of her life, unaware that he is a vicious serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauren P (it) wrote: Hello to the five people who read these things: Lauren's mini mini mini reviews are back! I am six months late, and unfortunately I don't remember anything about this film... which probably meant it sucked, for me. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and give it half credit. Even the most charming ANTM alum, Analeigh Tipton, could not save this movie.. from escaping my mind.

Micheline S (br) wrote: Pretty good thriller.

Bill B (jp) wrote: Absolutely loved this film, the parodies are dead on for the over-blown genre they're targeting and it holds up really well on the repeated viewings. I would never have suspected that Simon Pegg would be able to sell the whole 'bad-ass cop' thing quite so well, but there you go.Absolutely recommended.

Sammie S (nl) wrote: REALLY GOOD AND REALLY NICE BOYS> . . . . .:)

Andrew S (es) wrote: Enjoyable dark comedy directed by Danny DeVito.

Plain C (nl) wrote: loved it. Made me think about what i should have done a old bosses and colleagues.

Ian M (us) wrote: It's too long and has a contrived plot, but this queasy thriller is impressively committed to its vision of the world as a black, nasty shithole.

Zack B (us) wrote: Gritty movie that is essentially, like all the sequels, the same as the original. George Kennedy does a decent job filling in for Brynner, but the rest of the "7" from the first are missed.

alan j (ca) wrote: Kenneth Tobey once again plays his standard character (smoking a cigarette, womanizing, and with a cup of coffee in his hand)..this time he is up against a huge octopus. The special effects for their time truly are special; this classic lacks suspense and tends to drag in the middle of the story...the love triangle also seems awkward and out of place and only detracts from the plot ....despite these flaws, those who enjoy the 50s sci-fi flicks should give this a go!

Chelsea M (kr) wrote: I love them together, I want to see all of the movies they made together.

Joel A (ag) wrote: A simple little film that moves fast & has some good little twists & turns. A solid early 1930's from Warner Bros.The story of charismatic Jewel Thief pulling off an incredible heist at Vienna's most renown Jewellery Store.Some of the acting is irritable but at screen length of 68 mins it packs a nice tight story. The are some extraordinary pieces of jewellery on screen that are shot to perfection in crisp B&W...

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Dennis S (mx) wrote: I love 80s slashers but this is awful. It's definitely not the worst though.

David W (de) wrote: Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue make chemistry on a drama about two people in care. Sad and depressing, it taught me something: Never go to Las Vegas!

Arseniy V (nl) wrote: Only slightly more interesting than the name and the trailer make seem.

Vincent R (de) wrote: DD Lewis is exceptional and for once in a long time 'those folks' who hand out Oscars got it right. Arguably should have won Best Pic as well. Gripping story of man who always controlled his own destiny and took no prisoners keeping it firmly in his grasp. Brilliant!

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