Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Honest and straightforward small-town Shirlee Kenyon chucks her boyfriend and heads for Chicago. Accidentally having to host a radio problem phone-in show, it is clear she is a natural and is hired on the spot. But the station insists she call herself Doctor, and as her popularity grows a local reporter starts digging for the truth. Problem is, the more he is around her the more he fancies her.

A woman ditches her small town life for big city Chicago, where she becomes a sensation as a radio show host. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna I (mx) wrote: A sweet and endearing documentary about a sweet and endearing person. Plimpton was a wonderful writer, and his eagerness to try and fail and his honesty really made him a special person.

Josh R (nl) wrote: It's essentially what Shaun of the Dead would be if it were an animated children's film. Laugh out loud hilarious, clever, and fun as hell.Grade: A

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Predictable, cliched, lazy, and melodramatic

Rohit V (kr) wrote: great movie with a great climax...

Mandeep S (kr) wrote: This film made me form my extremist view about YRF banner.

Danielle M (jp) wrote: A little too cheesey at times, but good for a laugh.

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Trevor L (it) wrote: Great movie with some great music and themes.

Bill B (br) wrote: Finally gave this one a look off the To-Watch Pile and it's interesting enough to me from the angle of seeing some fun scenery in and around LA in the '70s, but overall it's kind of a cheap affair.I could see a revisit at some point, see if it grows on me at all, but I dug the people just randomly going apeshit.Rental?

Max N (ru) wrote: Una comedia? A lo mejor si, pero a lo Cassavetes. Un entramado de acciones que rozan con lo irracional, a fin de cuentas una historia de amor loco. Filmado con el impetu tradicional del maestro. Sobre las interpretaciones, son un parrafo aparte, rezuman realismo en cada fotograma. Excelente.

Brea D (gb) wrote: Cult ! not "avant'' but ''sans-le-lettre'' (pardon my french).

Leena L (kr) wrote: Intriguing, had totally forgotten how this turns out. Entertaining story killing one by one in the fog. Again. fog. the thing of the day, it seems.

JoanneMarie J (ru) wrote: Not a very well known movie, but worth watching...

Scott W (gb) wrote: The fact that both the female leads (a mother / daughter combo) looked so similar made the entire family dynamic all the more entertaining, if troubling. Overall, however, this was less a waste of time than an assault on one's time. Avoid at almost all costs.

Steve S (kr) wrote: Great documentary about her life with letters and interviews of close friends that show her in a tragic light. The sixties were such a dynamic moment in history it is hard to wrap your head around it. This movie helps.