Strange Brew

Strange Brew

Something is rotten at the Elsinore Brewery. Bob and Doug Mackenzie (as seen on SCTV) help the orphan Pam regain the brewery founded by her recently-deceased father. But to do so, they must confront the suspicious Brewmeister Smith and two teams of vicious hockey players.

Strange Brew is a feature-length adaptation by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas of their Canadian stereotype characters from SCTV, the McKenzie brothers. It’s also based loosely on Hamlet, making it the oddest update of Shakespeare still to this day (sorry, She’s the Man) and giving it way more plot than you’d expect from a dumb comedy about knuckleheads trying to get a free case of beer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan P (ru) wrote: A talky indie done right. Interesting, flawed characters and lots of laughs and cringe worthy scenes (in the good way). It's not Earth shattering but it's a really entertaining look at modern relationships.

Brandon M (au) wrote: Well, this was just like Madagascar down to the hypochondriac, over exaggerated Zebra. Oh, but minus and the global warming, eco friendly view. Very bad acting and I found the mouths of the characters didn't match the animation; which to an adult is slightly annoying. I do think its important to teach a positive eco friendly tale once and awhile ... After its all said and done, my 20 month old demands to watch this movie. If it were up to him, it wold be a 5 star.

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Sarah L (nl) wrote: Poignant, unassuming, and gentle. Beautifully shot.

Daniel K (it) wrote: 3: This film has grown on me over the years, but it still pales in comparison to some of Eastwood's more recent masterpieces such as Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, and Letters from Iwo Jima. It is clever and engaging, but lacks the suspense and icy and edge and pitch black dread of a David Fincher serial killer film. A modest, but worthwhile, work from the master. In other words, from most directors this would be a success, but from Eastwood it is slightly subpar, at least if one includes it among his other films from the last decade or so.

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Lupus D (mx) wrote: This must have been hilarious but I'm guessin a lot was lost in translation. Easy to watch, hard to judge.

I am A (br) wrote: what the hell was in that suitcase...

Scott S (gb) wrote: Threesome (1994) -- [7.0] -- When I first saw "Threesome", it was the right movie at the right time. I related to it on a very personal level, which may still blind me to its shortcomings. I know the first act is unfocused, and that the storyline doesn't really amount to much. But there are several great bits of character and comedy sprinkled throughout, and I love the three leads. Their chemistry carries the movie pretty damned far. The soundtrack is solid, including U2, General Public, and The The. I also have to go out on a limb and say that Thomas Newman's twelve minutes of score is brilliant, definitely foreshadowing what he would later do with "American Beauty".

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