Strange Parallel

Strange Parallel

Strange Parallel is a documentary/short film revolving around the American singer/songwriter Elliott Smith. The film features interviews with Elliott himself as well as fans, friends and other acquaintances of his (including Gus Van Sant, Larry Crane, and the members of Quasi). The film also includes snippets of Elliott Smith performing as well as footage of him recording an unreleased song, "Brand New Game". The film sometimes moves out of reality, with acted-out, metaphorical sequences that involve Elliott considering purchasing a mechanical hand (a "robot hand" ) to improve his music.

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Andra V (au) wrote: Okay what the hell is this piece of shit, it's all over the place. The only good thing is the vampire fangs and the two main stars Misty and Darian.

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Keshab Pudasaini (it) wrote: Mrs. Dalloway is a attractive artful novel, where writer has expressed the mental and social conditions of her time.

Scott C (ru) wrote: Really bad. I just wanted to see Courtney Love's cameo.

Manuel A (us) wrote: If only it had ended halfway through....

paul B (ca) wrote: Film a suspense qui doit certainement beaucoup a Hitchcock et au mythe de Barbe Bleu. Une belle mise en scene avec style et service d'acteurs impecables.

Nick K (it) wrote: Groucho makes this movie better and more entertaining than most of Miranda's other movies.

Russell J (ca) wrote: $12 on iTunes, get it.

Sasha W (de) wrote: There was potential which was never followed through. The best bits were the opening sequence and the flashback sequence explaining everything. Would still see if they did a sequel.

Mark P (jp) wrote: This is pretty sweet.