Strange Weather

Strange Weather

Years after her son's suicide, a woman longs to confront both the past and a friend of his who took his business idea.

After the loss of her son, Darcy travels across the South with a friend in an effort to settle a score. A story of grief and forgiveness, of looking inward to find a way to move forward. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (mx) wrote: Surprisingly good for an Asylum movie. Battledogs has lycanthropy spreading like a zombie virus and the army is on the search for a cure, while containing the disease.The CGI is pretty bad, but much better than most Asylum movies. In fact the wolves in closeups look quite good. The story is really good too.

Kostas T (ca) wrote: We all know how the modern German film production works.The Germans have done miracle in the 00's.The Miracle of Bern(das Wunder von Bern) is a movie that reflects the talent of German directors and actors but doesn't quite excite. We have a post-war story with strong moments and a promising outcome.However it was a little predictable.I really enjoyed the presentation of the father,which his inner worlds crashing with each other because of the war and the fact that he had been prisoner to Soviet Russia for 11 years. The actors made a strong effort to play realistic due to the fact that there were some relaxing and 'funny' moments.I also think that the presence of the young journalist and his wife was not necessary and it ruined the flow of the movie.However the hours passed without to annoy me and I enjoyed the film very much

b d (fr) wrote: Review (1~5)#Content: Script 4 | Acting 4 | Cinematography 5 | Film Editing 5#Visual: Costume Design 4 | Makeup & Hairstyling 4 | Scenic Design 5 | Lighting 4 | Visual Effects n/a#Sound: Score & Soundtracks 5 | Sound Editing & Mixing 5#Overall (1~10): 7

Andrew T (nl) wrote: Let's just hope nothing like this ever really happens. It's a scary thought to be captured and tortured in a small room with no hope for escape. If you give the audience what they want you can leave sooner, but can you believe the masked man? Its amazing that an entire movie can take place in such a small space. This takes low budget to the next level. Save money on sets and make up for it with a real camera and good actors. My only concern and what makes the plot not as believable is how improbable it is that the source of the stream is not traced at all. There's always a foot print on the Internet.

Andrew M (fr) wrote: Emotionally resonating and sure to elicit tears in its uplifting third act, Rudy overcomes its sentimentality via a strong performance from Sean Astin as the titular character and its persistent sense of spirit.

Al O (au) wrote: How can one not like this movie? Every scene is hilarious, but it does sometimes require a little thinking and a sharp eye to "get it" amidst a nonsensical story. The writer didn't really care about the story, but instead went for deadpan humor which is gut-bustingly funny. It's on the order of "Used Cars" or "Down Periscope", or "Overboard" or "Ghostbusters" or "Caddyshack". Those movies don't always make a lot of sense, but the comedy is fantastic. You do have to be willing to go along with whatever, but I personally think that Kurt Russell is at his very best when doing comedy. There are some brilliant scenes and looks from Mary Kay Place, as when Meadow's character comes back with some brochures to cover what she was really doing. The editor cut that scene at the exact perfect moment, but you'll never notice if you aren't looking sharply. I'm guessing the bad reviews come from those folks who are unable to suspend disbelief because the story isn't "true-to-life". "The plot is horrible"? Well duh. But I was laughing all the way. Put it this way, if you really like to laugh, you'll love this movie.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: Daughters that seem more like wives and a lot of questionable motive;strange film indeed.

Charles P (de) wrote: Everything about Last Tango in Paris looks and feels just right. Paris came alive, and so did the film's sexual passion.

Richard C (fr) wrote: This story didn't really work as a film. It's yet another instance where reading about the infamous case in a newspaper, online, etc., will evoke the same feeling that you get after seeing the outstretched film, and in my experience, the film does a terrible job of eliciting any emotional reactions and character sympathizing or scorning. Perhaps because the perspective of the film switched to and fro victims and serial killer, and so you omnisciently view stupid people trusting a pudgy creeper with their open legs. I appreciate the documentary-style retelling as well as the acting talent, but maybe subjective demonizing of serial killers would've worked to this film's advantage.

Dawn C (gb) wrote: cargol is really amazing. and truffaut is as well. it is full of holes, or many unanswered questions, but the compassion/fascination truffaut has for/with this boy is plain. too bad jordan couldn't have consulted truffaut on educing a better performance from foster. ugghs.