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Stranger torrent reviews

Ani W (gb) wrote: I LOVED this film. I thought it was hilarious and well acted. One of the best comedies I have seen. Perhaps you have to be Jewish to really get it. It got 7 nominations for awards, one of which was "Best Film." I don't understand the low ratings on the tomatometer.

Zdravko P (mx) wrote: What a great subject to do a documentary on.

Adrian S (us) wrote: A fascinating, and ultimately rather sad, story of a young man found abandoned in Montreal. Parallel to the apparent recovery of his memory is a meditation on the impact love and loss can have. Not the most inspiring production values but the solid performances of the cast make it very watchable.

Vincent P (ru) wrote: A more faithful remake of Carnival of Souls than the remake of Carnival of Souls.

Kyle B (ca) wrote: This movie is better then I expected. The acting was pretty good. I love John Rhys-Davies and Edward Atterton. While some might call it a Titanic (1997) ripoff. I found it very entertaining. I especially enjoyed the fact that they use the only person to survive both Olympic class sinkings to carry the story. This movie is worth watching.

Tatiana O (ca) wrote: I thought that it was gonna be dumb, but it wasn't!

Memo G (ca) wrote: Angelopoulos y su mirada nostalgica a lo que se ha ido: la infancia y la Grecia idealizada. Un par de secuencias memorables: los viejos comediantes en un plano secuencia en una playa arida ensayando y recordando un pasado complejo. Una violacion tan sencilla en su mecanica y puesta en escena, pero tan brutal y bella en su narrativa.

Joy S (br) wrote: Awful movie, except--somehow, I can quote most all of Vinnie's lines, 15 years after having watched it!

Tom M (nl) wrote: Ostensibly a mystery but really just an excuse to send its protagonists all over SF's Chinatown in order to allow the filmmaker to explore and expose the community, its politics, its values, its people, its rhythms. Small and engaging. Wood Moy, an actor with a surprisingly short list of credits, carries the picture.

Michael C (nl) wrote: Ludicrous, half-hearted dry-run for A Bay of Blood. The phrase "Lounge Giallo" could be applied to this daft mixture of groovy tunes, confusing ten-little-indians muder scenes, and comical disposing of the bodies. When the plot gets going, it's fun, though watch out for the preposterous ending.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Good anit-war film around a situation where war becomes pointless even though the enemy is on the doorstep.

Samuel M (us) wrote: Mtica iniciadora de los daikaiju o kaiju eiga, las famosas pelculas japonesas con grandes y extraas criaturas asolando el pas nipn. Godzilla siempre ha sido todo un referente del cine de ciencia ficcin, en especial cuando es usado como crtica sobre los problemas del armamento de destruccin masiva. Sin embargo siempre he pensado que su mensaje no siempre queda tan claro como en otras pelculas del gnero.Tambin, a pesar de sus grandes logros tcnicos en la poca, creo firmemente que el King Kong de 1933, de la que esta es completa deudora, consigui mucho ms en este aspecto.Sea como fuere, se trata de una pelcula maravillosa que consigui dar a luz uno de los gneros ms extraos y divertidos del cine japons.

xGary X (es) wrote: John Ford was responsible for many of the best westerns ever made, but this tedious frontier soap opera is certainly not one of them. Henry Fonda plays a frontier farmer caught up in the war of Independence with new wife Claudette Colbert, a pairing that is of course always watchable, but the story relies far too much on melodrama and frankly bores. Highlights include Fonda's hollow-eyed and shellshocked account of his first battle (which happens off-screen) and Edna May Oliver's cantankerous old broad, and it does pick up a little at the end during the seige of a fort, but it's far too little too late. Add to this the fact that the patriotic climax in which the newly created stars and stripes is raised to signify victory over the English is accompanied by the strains of "God save the King" and I couldn't help thinking that Ford must've been asleep at the wheel for this one...