Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs

A young American and his English wife come to rural England and face increasingly vicious local harassment.

The movie revolves around American mathematician David Sumner and his English wife who come to rural England to avoid the Vietnam-era social chaos in the U.SĀ and face increasingly vicious local harassment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Huw G (us) wrote: Remarkably engaging, despite the odd weak scene & clich. Gently paced, you feel the undercurrents of loss & longing in a nervous, hopeful way. And it's filmed around Mildura!

Paul C (nl) wrote: This was one of those low key comedy type movies. The type of movie where you have a decent cast with a little humor to maybe get a laugh or two out of you. The story was ok, but not story enough to keep you interested. What keeps you watching is all the characters. So for that fact, I would have to say the movie is just ok and if you like these type of movies, then give this one a chance.

Yves J (ca) wrote: Cultiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssime !

Stacy H (br) wrote: love it....and America please dont try to remake it! yes im an full blooded one but like "death at a funeral" you cant remake one humor written in their way then write it as ur own

Jimi L (gb) wrote: good fuckin movie lo budget but it rocks

Michele (ca) wrote: only cuz there's a cute guy in it :) reminded me of James Marsden slightly :P

adam b (au) wrote: OKay acting, good idea of a movie, could have been done a whole lot better though

Steve W (ca) wrote: Owning Mahowny is an excellent cautionary tale with a terrific performance by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The film is a nice drama that focuses on the addiction rather than anything else. Its based off a book that is pretty true to life so there isn't a lot of surprises, except its very entertaining regardless.

Ed F (kr) wrote: Total dissapointment. Interesting message, but it was all over the place. Pooly directed and pieced together.

Dammy G (fr) wrote: Just unforgivably bad. Even as a kid, I hated this movie.

Dawn L (it) wrote: important. great acting.

Alex r (nl) wrote: Psycho IV is the conclusion to the Norman Bates saga. In this film, we get the back story and why Norman Bates became so demented. I think it's a great idea for a plot, and it is slightly better than part 3 due to that fact. There are some good performances here, and the directing is effective enough to keep you interested from start to finish. The film does have its flaws, but for a Made for TV picture, it's pretty good and it delivers some genuine chills and thrills. Although you can come to expect that by a fourth film in any series, there's a lack of truly great ideas, and though this one offers an origins take on the Psycho franchise, there's still something lacking in the film to really make it memorable. The film is told with the aid of flashbacks and it is well done in that matter and there's plenty to offer for fans of the series. As for me, I've always loved the original, and no sequel will ever top it, but the sequels have managed to elaborate on the character of Norman Bates and it's been quite entertaining. Anthony Perkins is what kept me interested in the sequels and it's no exception for this final entry. As far as I'm concerned, considering that the original is so iconic, the films that followed were pretty good, and departed significantly from the suspense, psychological horror genre and ventured deeper in the Slasher genre. I really enjoyed this film, and Anthony Perkins as usual is phenomenal as the character he established over the course of previous three films. Very entertaining, and underrated, Psycho IV: The Beginning is a very good prequel compared to numerous others that have failed to tell an effective plot. Perkins holds the material together very well with a chilling performance and he manages to play Norman Bates one final time with effective menace and with that said, the film overcomes its many weaknesses

Dylan G (mx) wrote: Any film that you can play a drinking game with, and be trashed within the first 20 minutes is a damn good film to me. Killer Workout is a classic 80's horror film with all the boobs, teased hair, leg warmers, and enough ridiculous deaths to kill a few brain cells. The only thing lacking in Rhonda's Gym is the gore, but when a safety pin is the killer's weapon of choice, there isn't much to expect. One of my all time favorites. :)

Daniele C (ca) wrote: The last masterpiece of "old Holliwood" and the first masterpiece of "new Holliwood".

David C (fr) wrote: A romantic tragicomedy western starring Charles Bronson. What else needs to be said?

Stephen C (us) wrote: While it may be long Jean Pierrre Melvilles last film in black and white is truly an outstanding work of a master at the very top of his game and it features a truly towering perofrmance form the great Lino Ventura. Ventura plays Gustave who escapes from prison to pull one last job with the view that it will enable him to fleee France and retire.The trouble starts for Gustave when ex colleagues blackmail him ,the police are closing in and nothing or no one can be trusted.Melvillle is on top form here weaving ahugely entertaining and thrilling story culiminating of course in the robbery and the fallout from that crime.Ventura has one of those faces that was made for a Melville film and his performance is nothing short of genius showing again how Melville cast his films to suit the story he was telling .

Robert B (gb) wrote: Mon Oncle is amusing, full of French charm, vivaciousness, and absurdity. Some shots and sequences are very well set up, it is like watching a painting come to life. Unfortunately, many of the scenes drag on and the overall length is more than it needs to be. Poor sound and video quality detract from the film as well. While Mon Oncle is a mixed bag, I enjoyed it and would recommend to lovers of satire and French films.

Rob P (es) wrote: Utterly appalling, not a patch on the mildly amusing TV show.