Family moves into new home and is attacked by stray cats.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:house,   dog,   gang,  

A troubled family move to an isolated house, and find and adopt a couple of cats already in residence. These are not the only occupants however... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abhishek S (nl) wrote: Goes along pretty well till it bumps into some incoherent story telling beyond its optimal screen time.

Piers C (kr) wrote: Massively overrated (cinematography decent, big names all 'round). Otherwise batshit.

Terra G (gb) wrote: It was a great movie and for being an independent film they did really good on special effects. Loved it!

Private U (ru) wrote: if i'd had a firearm, i would've shot myself

Yolanda a (br) wrote: I LOVE this movie!!! I love all the Santa Clause movies, they are so much fun and so innocent and lighthearted, sure to bring the kid out in you again!

Andrew M (it) wrote: Why I do not like this is very simple. Whenever I watch a movie, I need to be able to sympathize with the characters. These don't need to be GOOD people, just sympathetic. Porter in "Payback' comes immediately to mind here. Here, I hate these people. I think I'm supposed to hate these people, sure, but they're the central narrative of the film. They sing upbeat songs about the bad things they've done, and then get away with those bad things, and the only one who does suffer is the one sympathetic character who MIGHT have actually been innocent.That might have been the entire point, and I can understand that. That's not a reason for me to like or excuse it though. This movie sickens me.

Dave J (it) wrote: Friday, January 27, 2012 (1992) Shining Through THRILLER/ SUSPENSE Based on Susan Isaacs best selling novel showcasing Melanie Griffith as Linda Voss narrating her past experiences as a spy for the United States while in Berlin during World War II. The great cast also includes Michael Douglas, Liam Neeson and Joely Richardson. The main problem is that the 2 lead actors Douglas and Griffith are not too convincing in their roles, especially Melanie Griffith as the German spy spying for the United States. I mean, it's like using the personality triats of "Working Girl" which she was perfect in to redo her role again but in a spy movie this time doesn't make the film credible at all! 2 out of 4

Rick Q (de) wrote: a lot of the best lines and jokes are taken right from "the philadelphia story", and it's three leads don't hold a candle to the three leads from the aforementioned film, but "high society" still manages to find it's own voice.

SpyGuy G (us) wrote: This is a really funny movie from start to end. Every time I watch this again I laugh. All the jokes here are really funny and a good plot hold it all together.

The D (fr) wrote: A classic! Murray's best by far. Original and well executed, it still makes me laugh too.

Greg W (mx) wrote: didnt care for this only bryan singer pic i don't like and as i've said b4 I d/k wot others like i only know what I like!

Troy K (it) wrote: Good enough to watch, but it just never got exciting.

Hunter M (es) wrote: Better then the first one