Rick (Diesel) is frustrated by the repetitious grind of one-night stands and aimless hustling. Whilst looking for more to his life he meets Heather (Lanza), a neighbour. Rick takes the opportunity to escape his boring life style with her, but soon finds that his volatile behaviour threatens to finish their relationship before it even really begins.

A macho cruiser comes of age. Frustrated by the repetitious grind of one night stands and aimless hustling, study drug dealer Rick is looking for meaning and intimacy in his life. Like his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ultra V (es) wrote: Too soon & too weak this attempt to breathe life into Gillian's career...

Clifford J (ca) wrote: Malika Sherawat Is incredibly beautiful! When she's chasing the snake charmer out of the theatre she looks super hot in that outfit running around jumping building and shit. The sexy snake scene may have been too much. LolThis movie is a lot of fun, but I seriously wanted to kill the mother in law. Not really scary, but a good look at Indian culture. The musical score for this film is epic.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: It is fascinating to see those three rock legends interacting and talking about the electric guitar, their personal stories and what inspires them - and even if it could have benefited from a more linear structure, this insightful documentary never ceases to be interesting.

Steve A (gb) wrote: Forget the negatives - it's worth seeing just for DeNiro's performance as a stroke patient trying to recover. Philip Seymour Hoffman nailed this role too - equally awesome!

Michael R (ru) wrote: A sadly dull end to a great franchise.

Ken S (nl) wrote: The long running PBS series "Sesame Street" has produced two movies in its 40+ year run, the first was in the 1980s (the second was in the late 90s), and it was "Follow That Bird," a feature that follows Big Bird as he is taken from Sesame Street to be adopted by a family of birds he doesn't fit in with...and he runs away to get back to Sesame Street. It's good children's entertainment...while it is certainly aimed at a younger audience than even the other Muppet films are, it still has some of that Henson spark that makes the Muppets enjoyable for the family. It also brought me back a little to the time when I grew up on Sesame Street...when Big Bird was the star of the show and such (I pretty much caught the tail end of that era, though I never saw this as a kid). My daughter, who is two years old and loves the current version of the show that is airing, enjoyed the movie as I call it a winner.

DEGENERATION the reaping (us) wrote: A rip off I love. A priest, show me your christian charity...

Alice B (de) wrote: Funny and brialliant movie!

TonyPolito (au) wrote: Vivian Leigh xeroxes her whiny & childish, occasionally brash and conniving delivery as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind, this time in lush, form-fitting Nubian garb. Claude Rains as Caesar is her worldly foil, though the sexual steam is notably absent. Rather he's more the mellow mentor, her Roman daddy, sugaring Cleo with the legion defending her claim to the throne. Partially to dodge MidCentury censors, what goes on with Caesar in Cleo's bedroom is just barely implied. As though there was a single viewer in America that didn't already know. The closest Caesar comes to commenting on the sensual is his repeated promise to eventually send Cleo the lover she requires, in the form of Marc Antony. Unfortunately, the George Bernard Shaw script deals out this historical meeting of minds mostly as a light-hearted romp; actual drama is in very short supply. Perhaps Leigh played these lines well on Broadway six years later, but on the big screen it's a mixed bag at best. As with Liz Taylor's filming of Cleopatra (1963), this film was one of the most expensive to-date ever footed by a studio - and it flopped at the box office. TRIVIA: In one scene, Leigh rushes across the marbled floor of the palace to impulsively flog a slave. In doing so, she tripped and fell. Two days later, she miscarried her child with Laurence Olivier as a result. She blamed, and never forgave, director Gabriel Pascal.

Caeh K (gb) wrote: The movie seems to be amazing, I gotta watch it with my dance clothes on.

Paul B (mx) wrote: I don't say blah blah blah.

Joel B (mx) wrote: This ain't so super; to be avoided at any cost.