Street Angel

Street Angel

A spirited young woman finds herself destitute and on the streets before joining a traveling carnival, where she meets a vagabond painter.

A woman on the run from the law finds her past catching up to her just as she is on the verge of true happiness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Street Angel torrent reviews

CHRIS H (es) wrote: My SON loves MH, and this one is no exception ! I personally can't stand them, but I'm a parent, what do I know lol

Adam D (de) wrote: Too Bizarre, even for me

Dave S (ru) wrote: The key to so many movies is a well-written villain. Gary Oldman shines as the bad guy. And, Harrison Ford as the president....need we say more? You overlook the implausible here. It's Die Hard on a plane. Heck of a ride. A movie can watch again and again.

Valencia C (br) wrote: Yeah, this was a good movie, but then kinda boring at the same time.

Chelsea D (br) wrote: This film is the most subtle commentary on the gray area of morality I've ever seen. It's so subtle in fact that I had to see this film a few times before I could see beyond the surface and recognize the parallel's between the moral questioning of all of the characters and the moral questioning of Cambodia and the US brought up in the back story of the film. The rain symbolism is subtle unlike in most films and stories and also has the same ambiguity in that it can symbolize either new life or loss and sadness within the context of the film. Although the camera work is nothing too inventive or special there are quite a few nice and beautifully executed shots and the straight-forward camera work like the rest of the film makes you feel there's something just below the surface. The acting is superb and not even questionably unrealistic. This seemingly simple film is elegant, well-acted and carefully executed to the point that nothing in it is an accident from music to visuals to dialogue making it an extremely good example of film digging deeper without being an obvious commentary.

Monty H (mx) wrote: Exciting thriller set in LA, about a train station policeman named Lt. Willie Calhoun (super performance by William Holden) chasing down a ruthless kidnapper. The bad guy has taken the blind daughter of a millionaire and holds her for ransom. The kidnapping is seen by the rich man's secretary (a solid Nancy Olson). Calhoun swears that he will find the girl and put the kidnapper down, and everyone believes him because Calhoun is one hell of a cop. A very short film at about 80 minutes long, but it is packed with riveting drama and some terrific action. Holden is top notch as the policeman, this being one of his best performances ever. And Lyle Bettger is memorable as bad guy Joe Beacon, the kind you love to hate. Union Station is one of those little films that not too many people have heard about, much less seen, but it is one terrific movie. One of my personal favorites.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marge Wrighter: Gonna send that kid home, aren't you, Joe? I mean after we collect.Joe Beacom: She'll go home...they ever fish her out of the river. Let's have the coffee, huh?

Miguel B (jp) wrote: A real movie, for a change!

Arindam P (mx) wrote: I watched this again after 20 years and still as fresh as yesterday!