Street Racer

Street Racer

Stepan and Doker are street racers. They love cars and speed. But there is a difference between them which brings them to face each other in a deadly race.

The streets of night-time Petersburg attract a motley crew of young kids. They are united by a common passion - high-speed street racing. They all have "petrol in their blood," but some of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Street Racer torrent reviews

Shannon C (br) wrote: Funny and sweet Swedish romcom! Great visual style throughout with likable characters :)

Christina D (nl) wrote: predictable and simplistic

Nordic S (jp) wrote: A fascinating showing of history in the late 1890s.

Zachary F (us) wrote: I first saw this film over a decade ago and it's still awesome. It's not even remotely serious, but the title says all that.

Chris J (ru) wrote: Don't call me Irwin.

Jacob T (jp) wrote: I got up and checked that the box really said Werner Herzog on it, but in retrospect I guess it shouldn't have been completely surprising that at some point in his career he make a low budget BBC style comedy about an aboriginal land rights dispute. It has it's own charms in the end, but woe unto the person who sees this as their first Herzog movie, they might end up with a very faulty impression of the caliber of films he's been known to produce.

Noah S (es) wrote: Silly movie where the Lonely Island crew as well as Bill Harder and Danny McBride throw together some great jokes making for a good sleepover laugh.