Street Wars

Street Wars

A young man takes over as the head of a crack dealing outfit after his brother, the gang's leader, is murdered.

A young man takes over as the head of a crack dealing outfit after his brother, the gang's leader, is murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahari S (es) wrote: Everyone should know this information! Stop eating bad food, taking too many prescription drugs and start eating fresh food and tons of vitamins - they'll never hurt you!

Sami T (au) wrote: Some really wonderful parts but has again other parts that left open questions. Questions that either should have been answered or shouldn't have come up at all. Anyway, you realise those at the end of the film so enjoy the ride. Would have given 4* without things mentioned before.

Shantel J (ag) wrote: It was an intersting movie

Chris W (au) wrote: Picking up (in a slightly shortened and retconned form) where Black Caesar left off, this direct sequel, while fun, is a but of a letdown. Oh, it's certainly enjoyable, but it makes the mistake a lot sequels make and looks and feels rushed. This is especially true because it was filmed concurrently with another film, with this one being done on weekends. They shouldn't have done that. They did get pressured by the studio to cash in on the success of Black Caesar, and while greed is one thing, laziness and hastiness are completely different, and are no excuse for the drop in quality. The first film was all about character and story. This one goes for the slam bang action route. That's not a bad iddea per se, but the way it is done leaves a lot to be desired. This is a decent sewuel, but it could have been absolutely fantastic. One scholar who reviewd this said he thinks it would have been better had they taken 30-45 minutes from this and added it to the first film to create a single cohesive story instead of making a sloppy sequel. I agree to an extent with that, as that could have been cool, but I much rather like the idea of a direct sequek (so long as it maintained the same level of quality). I don't hate this. In fact, this is a fun popcorn movie. You have no choice but to see the first film though, otherwise this one just won't work. The music is okay, but there's no James Brown. His work on the first wasn't great, but he is missed. In short, this is worth one viewing, just to be a copletist, but it's not a mandatory view. However, there is a fun moment that made me smile, a

John D (kr) wrote: Not nearly as good as Charade, this one isn't helped much by Peck's presence. He just doesn't seem very convincing in such a physical role and he seems to serious to carry off the humorous elements. Replace Peck with Cary Grant and you've got a better, but still not very good, picture. Is it titled Arabesque because all of the Arab characters are Caucasians made up to look Arab-esque?

I dont know w (ca) wrote: Seems like a forgotten classic, and it even has Ronald Reagan!

Neil P (it) wrote: A very enjoyable film. The "Shorty George" and "I'm Old-fashioned" routines are some of the best parts of this film for me, and the story itself is fun. Adolphe Menjou's character could be quite funny when he started yelling at others. I personally thought that Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth worked well together, and wish they could have made more films together beyond "You'll Never Get Rich." A very enjoyable film!

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/18/2013)

Alexis N (br) wrote: Not as good as Training day but a good film.

Thomas P (fr) wrote: It's a very cute short.