Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage

Melody Sails is an investigative reporter on Hollywood's juvenile delenquincy, and runs across Lunar, the crimelord. With the help of a 12-year old street-kid, she will get to him, but will she down him in the climactic fight to the death, or die trying?

A Los Angeles reporter, who is a former Special Forces commando, investigates a child prostitution ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul M (jp) wrote: Boring but beautiful.

Bengel W (ag) wrote: TV mini series with a mediocre script. It is a shame as they had a good story. The camera work is simple if not a little bland with regards to lighting. The music is not worth listening too. However once you get into it, it is tolerable because of Faye. Great if you have some baking to do! Nibbles: Dundee Cake.

Shelley S (kr) wrote: This movie is so funny, but I think this movie is one of those that is the funniest the first time you watch it. I mean I still laughed pretty hard in some major parts, but I just felt like I didn't laugh quite as much as last time, but that's ok. Yeah this is definitely one of those stupid humor movies, but then again it has some natural humor in it too. And what I mean by that is that the stupid humor is just bascially the potty humor and because Zerk and his friend were complete idiots. The nerd kids were just funny, because they were so dorky and naive. They were also pretty innocent and just plain cute in their own dorky way. I really liked the girl in this movie too. No offense to Napoleon Dynamite fans, but this movie is way better and funnier. I think that it definitely has more of a plot, which was hard to detect in Napoleon Dynamite and I actually think it was a lot funnier. i felt like the humor in Napoleon Dynamite was a lot more dry or forced maybe. I just remember thinking that that movie was kind of bland and boring in a lot of parts. But that's just me. I dunno, I just know that this movie was pretty hilarious AND ridiculous. It's a movie I wouldn't want to watch all the time or even very often, but it's really good if you are just looking to get a kick out of it and could use some humor.

Matt R (es) wrote: Overall, an incredible and well-constructed portrait of day-to-day life in a war zone. I could've done without the cheesy voiceover, though.

Kenneth S (fr) wrote: I only watched this because of "Split" the connection somehow made a little bit more sense now and I'm hoping to see a sequel crossover between the Beast and David Dunn having a battle on screen! So excited!

Michael H (es) wrote: Five Came Back was a low-budget black-and-white disaster film that was snappily paced and the narrative by Dalto Trumbo, Jerome Cady and Nathanael West was tight. It's based on a story by Richard Carroll. The public richly supported it at the box office. The plot has by now become all too familiar about a passenger airplane crash in hostile territory and how the clich characters handle their misfortune, but back in the day it was still fresh. There's also the beautiful moody noirish photography of the jungle by Nicholas Musuraca that adds to the chilling atmosphere.

Jason20 P (br) wrote: One of the BEST movies Ive ever seen!! SEE THIS MOVIE

Brandon S (fr) wrote: This film is certainly misguided, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't swept off my feet by this incredibly charming and hopeful coming-of-age story.As a big fan of John Green's previous smash hit, the surprisingly bold and mature "The Fault in Our Stars", I was obviously very much looking forward to this movie, and, while it doesn't carry quite the weight that that film does, I didn't leave disappointed. It's a lovely little escapist exploration of adolescence in the 21st century that doesn't pander or pretend.This film reminded me a lot of some of John Hughes' work in that no one will walk away with nothing. Every person who sees this movie will see themselves on screen in one way or another. This prospect is tiring to an extent, but it's also very disarming.I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the spectacular writing, as well as the wonderful cast navigating through it with feverish energy and excitement. Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne give stellar performances, but the film's true charm and approachable nature comes from the trio of best friends (Wolff, Austin Abrams and Justice Smith). These three young actors do something very beautiful here that so many other movies forget to even try at: they make you forget that you aren't just hanging out with your three best friends. Whatever depth that their characters lack is totally made up for simply by their on-screen chemistry.

Michael O (it) wrote: I have to say that this movie is pretty good

Brendan N (gb) wrote: Great movie about being yourself and having true friends. Found this on Netflix and enjoyed every minute of it. Great cast with interesting choices along the way, definitely not a laugh every minute film and I found that enjoyable. A mixture of humour and drama.