Strike Me Pink

Strike Me Pink

Meek Eddie Pink becomes manager of an amusement park beset by mobsters.

Meek Eddie Pink becomes manager of an amusement park beset by mobsters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darius B (us) wrote: This movie enters the category "so bad that it's actually good " ! It's a good laugh I recommend watching this stoned !

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Lillian P (ca) wrote: I found this movie when I first found Michelle Rodriguez. It's a very inspiring movie and it encourages girls to go for what they want, no matter how male dominated it is. Michelle does a fantastic job and is perfect for the role as the main character. Great movie and I would highly recommend it.

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Steve G (de) wrote: France's Mr. Bean. Tati also borrowed from American silent comedians such as Chaplin & Keaton. He brings his famous Mr. Hulot back to life in this sequel.Its predecessor, 'Mr. Hulot's Holiday,' might have had some better gags -- but I'm not crazy about gags to begin with. This is a better movie. It's more interesting & it's funnier. The house itself is a character. The modern architecture is both intriguing to look at, & serves as a marvelous pivot point for comedy. It lends itself to many situations of hilarity; not least of which is the haughty elitism of the homeowner. I don't think it was a promotion of poujadism or a critique of modernism as much as harmless jabbing at the unknown novelty. That's how I took it. I have to say, though... I love the house!

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Melinda S (nl) wrote: I. loved this movie.

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Tasos L (kr) wrote: A new film noir that is quite watchable!