Striking Distance

Striking Distance

Coming from a police family, Tom Hardy ends up fighting his uncle after the murder of his father. Tom believes the killer is another cop, and goes on the record with his allegations. Demoted to water-way duty Tom, along with new partner Jo Christman, navigate the three rivers looking for clues and discovering bodies. This time the victims are women Tom knows, he must find the killer to prove his innocence.

Sgt. Tom Hardy denounces his partner, Jimmy Detillo, for brutally interrogating a suspect. Demoted then to river duty, the killer taunts Tom and begins killing his female associates while Tom is on his hunt to prove his point. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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tim h (kr) wrote: There are only a handful of movies I own. After watching this movie tonight I will buy two (One for me and one to loan out to my friends) How did this movie get past me???

Matthew S (br) wrote: Great performances from all. A very intellectual study of Jung meets Freud that ultimately is a bit too restrained and distant.

Craig N (us) wrote: this was very bad... had a strong cast -- just didn't do anything..

Kenneth S (mx) wrote: Well these kinda aliens were like Overpowered. This movie is similar to World War Z. Its supposed to be action movie and it feels a little bit like a horror movie. The aliens scared me from their powers.

Zahid C (jp) wrote: Day: TuesdayDate: 3 Jun 2014Time: 9.30 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

Riff J (us) wrote: A great psychological thriller that stimulates the mind while providing a few scares along the way too.

Adam K (fr) wrote: a good story becomes overshadowed by a dull mood. mickey rourke is good, but the twist just kind of pops up anticlimactically. the 50s always look great on screen though.

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Jose Luis M (gb) wrote: Conmovedora y humana.

Kenneth E (fr) wrote: This film was funny; this film was campy; this film showcased the wild acting talents of Jack Black... however, due to an over reliance of plot exposition and background history of certain characters, Be Kind Rewind was bogged down and did not have the spontaneity it needed to stand alongside cheap, campy 80s "junk" like Nick Moranis and Dave Thomas' "Strange Brew," (which also relied on cheap film techniques.) In turn, the film had some really weak plot devices to lead up to Jack Black and Mos Def's remaking of famous films. There should have been some funnier and more logical way to erase hundreds of VHS tapes than reverting to the getting-hit-by-lightning routine (which also begs the question: why didn't Jack Black erase the new VHS movies he and Mos Def had created?) Good performances from Danny Glover and Melanie Diaz.

Anya S (ru) wrote: This was a good movie.

Andy F (ag) wrote: Well acted and atmospheric but drifts away into horror tedium. I actually thought this film had been made in the 70s so it gets points for authenticity, but I am not sure whether that is a good thing for this particular movie.

ChunTse T (mx) wrote: And you know it's of value..