Strings of Passion

Strings of Passion

Strings Of Passion is an urban commercial flick which tells the story of three men, Neel, Aman and Amit. They are young and dynamic guys who run the band "Strings of Passion" but are shadowed by the influence of drugs, broken love and bad parenting.

Three college friends share their recent developments in their respective lives after three years of separation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob Z (it) wrote: ( NOTE: Though some have compared this to MARTYRS, have no fear, this not as explicit nor is it torture porn.) It's essentially The Passion of Tore, a naive teenager who suffers frequent seizures, which he believes are moments from God. One such episode captures the eye of Benno while at a christian rock concert, as part of a group called the Jesus Freaks. Benno quickly takes Tore under his wing after the Jesus Freaks move on with their tour. Initially civil, Benno begins to show true evil as he begins to subject Tore to savage abuse, rape at the hands of others, and other savage torture. But Tore, strong in his faith with his God, refuses to fight back and continues to turn his cheek, even though there appears to be no God watching over him. This is naturally a tough film to endure and an even harder one to swallow. It's at once infuriating and fascinating. Fascinating because first-time director Gebbe is a striking talent over the proceedings. It is certainly a technical masterpiece from the ending, camera work, and haunting score. She also never falls over into exploitation, and while the abuse, sexual or otherwise, is hard to view, she doesn't linger or seem to get some kind of sick joy out of it. Nothing Bad Can Happen may be a tad vague in what it is trying to accomplish, but it's certainly worth watching and you'll certainly not forget it. Sweet Tore's face will stick with you. Bad can certainly happen. (Not Rated- contains strong violent content including sexual abuse and torture, disturbing images, and language.)

Matthew S (ag) wrote: The writing talent in HK cinema for much of the last decade must be hourly. How else can you explain another criminals vs. cops movie (in a long line of them) that has such a standard 1st and 2nd act, but completely blows it out of the water in the final stretch. Worth it if you have the patience.

Dorian V (jp) wrote: I expected a typical Pauly Shore movie, and he delivered. The way it is filmed is different than his other films, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're an adult looking for something classy and smart, stay away. But the younger generation that still appreciates Shore's comedic style will love it.

Kan T (au) wrote: Ekin's movies are always very bad, and this one is worse than normally bad....

Leo L (mx) wrote: Sounds great! Can't wait to see this.

Nikos K (au) wrote: ?? ?????????? ??????? ??????? ??????...

Tom H (gb) wrote: Tom Selleck is near unrecognizable without his trade mark mustache. Good tv-movie about Dwight Eisenhower and his planning of D-day.

Sabina F (br) wrote: Very bizarre, very flipped out.

Cynthia S (ru) wrote: Long and drawn out...but nicely done.

Tony B (gb) wrote: Haven't seen this in over 15 years and I mostly remembered how over-the-top many of the scenes (especially the fights) were but forgot how well produced the film was overall and how memorable it was. Unrealistic with a lot of BS about his true life but this film did capture the overall greatness of Lee and is a great homage to his own films.

Weaam M (ru) wrote: well,not what I expected! there's a sense of boredom even in Woody's lines! ..but I enjoyed the second half though! I love the guy anyways :)

Michael H (it) wrote: Looks like random sketches stitched together until reaching minimal feature length. Sometimes amusing but the comic timing is often slow - like a stage play that could have used a few more rehearsals - and Fields' barely audible mumbled delivery often robs his punchlines of most of their potency. The final segment of automotive gags is pretty darned good, though.

Louis W (gb) wrote: officially a Christmas movie... Classic

Logan M (br) wrote: Despite its dire need of some polish, "Hanna" gains a special uniqueness from its recycled premise.

Gav R (jp) wrote: brilliant mix of scenes to a good pace scare

Jason F (it) wrote: I'm guessing this was 100% independent and possibly a student film? if not it should have been. It's filmed like one. Actually, no, it's written, filmed, and acted like something a group of 13 year olds would film in a town field on some evening for "shits and giggles". All anyone talks about is "food" and when anyone dies no one can produce emotion above a car revving it's engine.That... that's all. This is something i'd expect to see online at some zombie fan site.