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Strip Search

Strip Search follows several parallel stories examining personal freedoms vs. national security in the aftermath of 9/11; two main subplots involve an American woman detained in China and an Arab man detained in New York City.

Strip Search follows several parallel stories examining personal freedoms vs. national security in the aftermath of 9/11; two main subplots involve an American woman detained in China and an Arab man detained in New York City. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin G (us) wrote: Chariot reprend le mystre de la disparition du Boeing 727 (N844AA ) disparu en 2003 avec une bonne fiction tout en demeurant raliste. Financer l'aide d'une site de crowdfounding , le film reste tout de mme dans l'ensemble bien raliser et demeure plus intressant que beaucoup de mga-productions amricaine. Un film low budget voir!

Eau F (es) wrote: ??????????????? Freddie ?? Pitch Perfect ????????? ????????????????? Drew ???????

Ana G (jp) wrote: La fin est bien, mais alors vraiment les 15 dernires minutes... sinon c'est simple vous tes tout le long dans un labyrinthe avec des arbres/arbustes des deux ct (C)s... une sorte de Blair Witch, en un peu moins bien !

Noname (jp) wrote: This was supposed to be a comedy but that part failed big time. Felt like a really low budget and probably Ice Cube's worst movie ever. I hope he will stay with action/crime movies instead where he fits better..

Anthony B (nl) wrote: Charles Band's movies are always very hit and miss and this one is sadly very much the later!

Cooper D (es) wrote: really good sports/true stroy movie

Zach S (au) wrote: It's been years since I've watched this great satire of my growing up.

Bruce s (mx) wrote: well i have seen it its not 1 i would rrav about

Sarah P (ru) wrote: Of course it has a TV movie feel, but it's cute, light, and great background noise for Halloween activities or parties.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Stupid. Not worth your time

Summer ImagineItPerfect (de) wrote: I LOVE WHITE FANG!!!!

Doctor S (nl) wrote: Simple story masterfully told, Manon is the sequel to Jean de Florette in which the reclusive daughter of the hunchback who was killed for the water on his land learns the truth and sets a course for revenge. These stories might comprise the best 2-part package in French cinema history; knowing the events of the first is required to understand the motivations in the second, and absolutely essential to experience the shocking revelation to its fullest.As with Jean de Florette, everything about this production is superlative, from the gorgeous countryside visuals to the rich orchestral soundtrack to the artistic compositional framing to the outstanding acting. Aged Yves Montand gives a towering performance of a character who ranks among the all-time greatest screen villains and pays an ultimate price of regret. Equally memorable is Daniel Auteuil who has never been better as Montand's nephew, bringing to life a pathetic simpleton who is both loathsome and pitiable. Another shining performance comes from the incomparably beautiful Emmanuelle Bart who shot to stardom as Manon the goat shepherdess. She doesn't have many lines in her solitude, instead reflecting her curiosity and distrust through her wondrous eyes, but when she does speak her outbursts carry that much more impact. Perhaps her finest achievement is racing up and down those precarious goat trails without tumbling into the emergency room! I watched this last night for the first time since sitting in a college theater 20 years ago and could still vividly recall the big revelation scene as it unfolded which again packed an emotional punch as momentous as Darth Vader's at the end of Empire. If I had to choose, I'm inclined to say Jean de Florette is slightly better because of Gerard Depardieu's galvanizing presence, but with Manon des Sources we get Bart and a resonating conclusion to this 2-part masterpiece.

Cory T (nl) wrote: 'Trick or Treat' is the prime example of a sleeper: a film that was overlooked upon its release and is actually a kitschy, supremely fun picture in its own right. I love the anti-glorification of the self-destructive rockstar lifestyle and how impressionable teenagers would become drawn to it. Despite their prominence on the box art, Simmons and Ozzy are only in crucial, tongue-in-cheek cameos. Price's angst is relatable and his seance of Sammi is a clever integration to vent his frustrations with the jocks and other cliques. For his directorial debut, Charles Martin Smith has forged an unsettling and rollicking occult thriller.

John Y (br) wrote: Awful plot, awful effects, awful acting, poor characterization. Nonsense in every regard

Bill T (jp) wrote: Another dreary movie about people destroying their lives with drugs...what a waste.

Thomas B (nl) wrote: the 2nd movie with Tony Rome (lady in cement) is much better movie.

erika r (de) wrote: i'm sure this was a lot more effective and topical in 1959. however watching it now there were a lot of unintended laughs in spite of the serious social melodrama.

Bill B (es) wrote: This one is still a mess on the re-watch, but I actually got a few laughs out of it, even when it feels like Doug Bradley is doing his best Freddy Krueger laugh each time Pinhead starts blowing up shit and generally causing chaos.The casual mention about the Cenobites in this one being 'homemade, a shadow of his former companions' or something to that effect goes a long way towards making the corny nature of the villains seem less offensive.It's worth another look, but it won't ever be as good as the previous films.Give it a rental.

Rob M (de) wrote: This movie has one redeeming quality - it gives the hope that anyone can make a movie by taking an existing movie and making one substitution. For example, take The Shining, replace Jack with a guy named Ed, keep everything else the same - and you have yourself a movie!