Documentary about strippers and stripping.

Nonfiction filmmaker Jill Morley documents her exploration of the exotic dancer (stripper) experience. Through tactfully selected and edited sequences, you get an insider's view into the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stripped torrent reviews

Stephan S (kr) wrote: an incredibly capturing story. I became involved in the characters emotion and couldn't wait for the suspense of the films momentum as the question that wasn't being answered awaited. A beautiful film, that captures death love life, and everything on between

Chris G (kr) wrote: A timely piece of agit-prop which urges an immediate rethink of established policy...Established documentarian Robert Greenwald (??Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers?? & ??Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch??s War on Journalism??) brings his polemic attacks on US administration policy into the Obama era with this six front attack on the new President??s decision to continue and even escalate the war entered into by his predecessor.The six distinct parts cover such broad subject areas as the cost of the war, security and civilian casualties with the usual mix of talking-heads and archive footage with some particularly shocking revelations coming out on the status of Afghan women, the potential destabilisation of Pakistan and the futility of an Iraq style troop surge.Professors Robert Pape and Andrew Bacevich head up the battalion of experts which includes Brave New Films alumni Pratap Chatterjee of CorpWatch, as well as Robert Baer and Graham Fuller of the CIA, and a host of fascinating new comers including author Stephen Kinzer, retired Russian general Ruslan Aushev and prospective Afghan president Ramazan Bashardost.The reinvented television director wisely steers his impressive assemblage of experts away from the origins of the war in the dark days of the Bush regime to expose the continuing myths and misunderstandings which continue to drive the policy of the incoming administration to make more of the same mistakes in a region Al Qaeda has long since vacated.??Rethink this very, very carefully.??

Borhan K (gb) wrote: Dream Tea, a Documentary I just finished watching if your a basketball fan totally worth a watch. It tells the story of how the dream team became exactly that and worked together to capture the gold.All time greats talking about how it all went down. Fun for all.

Paul D (nl) wrote: This movie is so much fun. Mocking the exploitation era while being a love letter to that kind of grind-house cinema all in the same movie is a gargantuan chore, but Rodriguez has pulled it off with aplomb. Well done to everyone involved with this one. I can honestly say that I loved every minute of this movie. I loved every cameo, every casting choice, and for once even Jessica Alba didn't annoy me. To sum it up in a pithy one liner; Machete don't suck!

Jakub M (ag) wrote: Not that I would use instant suicide, but watching this story about two desperate easter bunnies who just lost their job, wasn't really as much fun as this plot suggest. And most of the time I had a feeling that I'm watching neverending music videoclip. But Chris Klein surprised me...!!!

Logan M (ag) wrote: Ultimately clouded by ambiguity, "Broken Flowers" is quite intriguing.

Chubbs O (fr) wrote: 1 of d best Irish films ever

Angeline P (kr) wrote: This one makes you wanna shoot them all

robert b (nl) wrote: The first "modern" era Holmes adventure. This is one of the best in the "modern" series of Universal's treatment of classic detective. This film definitely reflects its times. The war was raging in Europe and the enemy is the NAZIs. This leads to all kinds of great lines about the evilness of the NAZIs. While it may be politically incorrect in retrospect, it is a great treat to see the patriotism that rallied the sleeping giant once again.

Jason K (ag) wrote: classy, witty badass gangstersdefining role for daniel craig