Fleeing the wrath of man-eating vixens who've taken over the world, a ragtag caravan of refugees (Ben Sheppard, Maren McGuire, Jamison Challeen and Ileane Herrin) makes its way across the country to the relative safety of the West Coast. But en route, they're attacked by unrelenting waves of starving strippers. If looks could kill ... well, let's just hope they can't. Gilbert Gottfried and Daniel Baldwin co-star.

A strange virus causes the majority of the female population to turn into lethal carnivorous zombie strippers. A small band of survivors embark on a dangerous cross country trek to get to Grandma's house in Portland, Oregon. What will happen? Let's see the movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stripperland torrent reviews

Nick P (fr) wrote: I can't believe someone who goes to jail for beating his girlfriend, can make enough money to blow it on a HUGE cast like put in the WORST, most RACIST, disgusting, sexist, uncalled for, piece of shit, unfunny movie I have ever seen in my life.

Mr D (ca) wrote: Steven Seagal being Steven Seagal

Mickael D (nl) wrote: Le dernier film que j'ai vu (overall, le 06-12-07), ide original, a regarder

holly a (us) wrote: its a great movie my daughter enjoys it

Javier F (kr) wrote: Lo que predominan en este filme son tpicos, sencillez e intenciones lucrativas, lo cual lo deja como un filme genrico del montn. La accin llega a ser efectiva pero la fotografa no ayuda mucho. Lo nico que puedo rescatar es su ritmo dinmico y unas actuaciones medianamente aceptables, destacando a Chow Yun-Fat. Simplemente entretenida.

Brandon W (mx) wrote: Death Sentence is a great movie that is one heck of a try from James Wan. It's refreshing to see James Wan to make a movie that is different than his usual horror genre, although it does have some psychological moments in there that are really effective. Kevin Bacon is amazing in this, and can really pull it off as an action lead. The plot is a typical revenge movie, but they do put in some scenes that I didn't know where it's going. The writing is really good, and I honestly thought the stuff they do made sense. The action scenes are great and filmed really good too. It's interesting, and the soundtrack by Charlie Clouser is really catchy and never felt like he made another Saw soundtrack. The characters are memorable enough that you actually feel bad for what they have to go through. The message of it at first can get skeptical as that's the wrong message to give out, but when it comes to the result, it changed the message a bit which I was a little glad they did. Death Sentence is James Wan's first action movie, and it's an enjoyable one that I'm glad that he's the new director for Furious 7.

Adria O (br) wrote: I don't think this deserved the low rating it received. Yes, it had problems. The found footage was messy and maybe not appropriate for this particular movie. But overall, this was a really enjoyable movie for all ages. The connection between the four main friends was incredibly well done and the acting was impressive too. The story was simple, yes, but is that always a bad thing? It's simplicity allowed for some funny dialogue and powerful characters. So should this movie win an Oscar? No, probably not. But it certainly held my attention and entertained me enough to receive a very good rating, and isn't that the goal of every movie?