Bounced from her job, Erin Grant needs money if she's to have any chance of winning back custody of her child. But, eventually, she must confront the naked truth: to take on the system, she'll have to take it all off. Erin strips to conquer, but she faces unintended circumstances when a hound dog of a Congressman zeroes in on her and sharpens the shady tools at his fingertips, including blackmail and murder.

When her ex-husband gets custody of their daughter, former FBI office assistant Erin Grant takes a job dancing at the Eager Beaver strip club to get her child back. But Erin soons gets dragged into a dangerous situation after a congressman takes a fancy to her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kerby H (mx) wrote: Goodness gracious this is hilarious.

Tawseef R (de) wrote: marvelous! Bollywood is really raising their standards pretty high!

Daryl T (it) wrote: Not sure why Taylor hackford was attracted to this weak story

Trevor R (ru) wrote: A very chilling and all too possible about our future ralations with the U.S. Paul Gross is excellent as the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada who may or may not be involved in a conspiracy that could destroy the country as we know it. My biggest issue with the film was that the events move along so fast that it's hard to take in everything in just one viewing.Otherwise, a great production that shows off Gross as a skilled writer, producer and actor.

Davi (nl) wrote: good story.and also music. but it's matching to the music to 'koyla'.but this is better

Donna G (us) wrote: Haven't seen it in ages. Really enjoyed seeing it again. Love the reference to the story of Vasilisa and Baba Yaga!

Maverick G (fr) wrote: Mission Impossible is a smart and "edge of your seat" type of movie. It will exceed expectations in every way. A true classic.

debbie c (it) wrote: i started to watch this film and of what i saw it was brill

Pankaj S (au) wrote: AB tried to copy All Pacinobt ws nt evn closer to him bt stil a vry good movieworth watchingppl who hav seen Scarface wud find many similarities especially music.

David W (gb) wrote: One of The darkest Bond Films, Timothy Dalton brings grit and intensity for a blood-hungry Bond full of gruesome action and a super dark tone

Peter P (de) wrote: Moving romantic drama about a woman overcoming preconceived images of because she is deaf. Marlee Matlin is terrific, showing an incredible range of emotions, and William Hurt makes an excellent teacher. My only real complaint it that it had some needless nudity and seemed to end kinda abruptly.

Victor T (fr) wrote: When it comes to horror, there are some directors that are considered "horror masters" (even if some don't deserve the title) like: Dario Argento , Clive Barker, Alfred Hitchcock, Tobe Hooper, George A Romero, John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, and Wes Craven. But even if some directors truly deserve the title, one director that I really consider a master of the genre and of psychological thrillers, is the Canadian sociopath who goes by the name David Cronenberg. Max Renn is the president of a controversial TV station that specializes in shocking imagery (from pornography to extreme violence). Max wants to find something new that would push boundaries in order to provide a new experience to his viewers, and in his searching he finds his perfect program called "Videodrome", but this program is more than meets the eye. David Cronenberg is undeniably the ultimate master of the body horror subgenre, and an extremely talented and visionary director, so it is a challenging task to decide what is his greatest film and I would say that title could arguably go to "Videodrome". "Videodrome" counts with Cronenbergs stylistic and heavily thematic directing, a extremely peculiar and interesting story, solid acting, unforgettable/shocking surreal and gruesome visuals that have aged well, it has some doses of campy comedy (I don't know if that was intentional), themes that are still relevant and are executed marvelously thanks to the visual style that Cronenberg is known for, characters that are disgusting but extremely interesting, dialog that's extremely peculiar but it works perfectly with the dark environment, heavy use of symbolism, and a creepy and disturbing atmosphere that will alienate some people but that's the objective of horror (to make you uncomfortable). My big issue with this peculiar body horror film is the last 13 minutes. Up until that point the film was this psychological body horror film that had symbolism and well executed themes but then it mixes reality with the main characters psychology thus becoming this unnecessarily violent resolution that takes you out of the experience. "Videodrome" is a disturbing and smart horror film that has its doses of campiness, but it is unforgettable, deep, and arguably Cronenbergs masterpiece. If you enjoy horror film that aren't mindless or well made dark satires, this is a must see for you; but if you are into general slasher/gore fest films, you should avoid this one as you will most likely find it boring.

Stewart F (gb) wrote: Excellent. Ian Richardson is superb as the smarmy, but ruthless Francis Urquhart. Andrew Davies is the master at adapting books to television.

Cory R (es) wrote: For a B-movie, this is surely a classic. It was even nominated for a academy award for a screenplay. That is extremely rare for a b-movie script. This is unbelievably cheesy in some parts but overall a good movie.

Maria D (ru) wrote: John and Julia make a great team. Awesome movie.

KJ P (kr) wrote: "Swordfish" is talent, talent, and more talent, but nothing more sadly. Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, and Halle Barry are all enjoyable in their roles, taking every line of dialogue seriously, even though the script is the weakest part of the film. Starting the film at the end and working it's way back to that point worked for this particular story, but it was the ending that ruins the film, so it was deemed pointless in the end. As a team recruits a hacker (Jackman) to use state-of-the-art computers to hack into the government, there are some very intense moments driven by performances and the consequences of the multiple outcomes, but that all has no matter in the end. Going from small hacker-flick, to full on overblown action-flick by the third act, this film has no idea what it's identity is and it is all over the place. Confused in every regard, "Swordfish" is a promising story that is not very well executed. That being said, I enjoyed watching this story and some of the action was really fun. In the end, this is a very forgettable film.

Veniea T (it) wrote: Two words 4 you Charles Bronson