Struktura krysztalu

Struktura krysztalu

Jan and Marek used to study physics together but after graduation their paths were different. Jan got married and moved to the countryside. Marek stayed in Warsaw and now wants to persuade Jan to follow his path.

Physicist John worked as a meteorologist. He lives in a small village with his wife, a teacher. Meanwhile, his friend from university, Mark, is doing a research career. Trying to get John to return to academic work in the capital. Mark is not convinced by the arguments of John. Clash of two attitudes, characters, ideas about the meaning of life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randall S (ca) wrote: A 'sleeper' hit that is as hilarious as it is honest. Sex, drugs, and attempted murder are the perfect combinations for this indie-hit. It's on yourself a favor and watch it!

Claudette A (de) wrote: This movie had a few good laughs, though I would have liked more.

Steven W (ca) wrote: An interesting find! If you're wondering what Neve Campbell looks like naked, you're finally find out (personally... I'd pass!)The dialogue and Neve's performance is what gives this film its 3 stars. The ending seemed quite sudden, and I found it to be VERY short!(under 1 hour and 20 mins)While I would be loved to have had a chance to get a little bit deeper into the main character's nympho-neurotic ways, it was still interesting!

Brandon W (jp) wrote: (pushes glasses to forehead, scratches scrotum, creepily moans)

Carlos I (de) wrote: Not one of DePalmas best outings, it's always suffered from being a bit of a cheesy melodrama with its straight forward narrative, but this new "Director's cut" is actually pretty cool and does a great service to the flow of the film. If you weren't a fan before, I suggest giving this new cut a try. Especially if you're a fan of the director. Still, I find it hard to sympathise for the knowing adulterers...

Marcey I (nl) wrote: This is one weird movie! It is a bad movie but it is completely hilarious! It doesn't make much sense, and it has elements of the Exorcist in it, I mean can't go wrong there hahaha! Yet another bad film that is enjoyable for all the wrong reasons and it has some gold moments! The opening is great, too bad the copy I saw was the UK edit, grrr.

Matty S (br) wrote: The first of Paul Morrissey's junkie/hustler films funded by Andy Warhol's Factory is the least entertaining. The true interest of this film lies in what feels like a sort of documentary glimpse into the seedy side of late 1960's NYC counter-art-culture. But the film is poorly paced and the drifting and jaded story fails to take form as the following two films would. This film still holds a great deal of interest from a pop culture or counter-culture study.

Niels S (ca) wrote: Audrey Hepburn er jo altid fuldstndig vidunderlig, og filmen kan stadig ses, men virker altmodisch og overkonstrueret, og kemien mellem Hepburn og O'Toole er noget af et postulat.

Paul B (fr) wrote: A landmark genre classic whose inspiration and influence can still be seen today

Martin S (jp) wrote: I won't deny it: Fear and Desire is far from a good film. The acting is not believable, there's unneccesary jump-cuts, some continuity errors and atrocious sound quality. No wonder Kubrick dismissed the film.But i can bypass it's flaws, because every legend doesn't always start off with a bang. Besides having made 3 documentaries, Stanley Kubrick was inexperienced with making mainstream motion pictures.It comes down to an old sentence of wisdom that we are all familiar with: practice makes perfect. In Stanley's case, perfect is what his later films came to be.

Craig C (ru) wrote: Parents neglect boy, who gets into gangs, smokes, and drinks. The MST3K send up is priceless.

Ahmed B (es) wrote: Very small movie, but I liked it a lot.