Conny is a chemistry teacher who is framed for drugpossesion. Unable to prove his innocence he ends up in prison. When he finds a secret exit some inmates "persuades" him to participate in ...

Conny is a chemistry teacher who is framed for drugpossesion. Unable to prove his innocence he ends up in prison. When he finds a secret exit some inmates "persuades" him to participate in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ad O (kr) wrote: the men make this hard to watch. it's stories like these that act as reminders that it's about time women inherit the earth.

Ewan M (nl) wrote: There's no spoiler in saying that this is about a happy middle-class man who struggles to deal with his life after a car accident which he blames on himself, not least because there's more that's unsaid which becomes intriguing as the film progesses. This is a wonderful film, subtle and observant, which toys with a lot of familiar movie cliches but never caves in to them.

cli o (ru) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Kyle G (br) wrote: The best parts of Snow Angels (empathetic, vivid) and unfortunately the worst parts of The Ice Storm (just the tiniest bit shrill or gaudy), as awkward as that might sound if you're familiar with either of those. (But The Ice Storm was stunning, so even its worst qualities aren't that bad...)It's a complex whirlwind of grotesquery, tracing a young man's coming of age and his parents' separation, thick in the late-70s Long Island culture and in the horrific-as-shit explosions of infidelity, lost identity, and frustration. Everyone in the cast delivers exquisite performances, even in spite of a script that occasionally goes haywire.

Matthias N (it) wrote: peut-tre le meilleur Ferrara. Broie avec style et efficacit le polar et ses gangsters malins pour rvler la violence alinante et impersonnelle des multinationales et de l'information mondialise. L'insistance sur le montage peut agaer.

Isabelle P (fr) wrote: Probablement tres surestime par la critique lors de sa sortie, du film, ne reste qu une banale histoire de filles paumees. Certes, Elodie Bouchez est attachante mais mme cette ange l commence a dater. Dans le style, preferez "Rosetta "des Dardenne, plus dur, plus dpouill, plus vrai.

Kurt A (jp) wrote: When it comes to champions. This one is UNDEFEATABLE. Seriously though, anyone who throws that many people into poles should get some kind of award.Here is the general outline. Kid gets mistreated growing up. Kid becomes angry man. Angry man fights in cage matches for big money. Angry man rapes wife. Wife leaves angry man. Angry man hunts for missing wife. Angry man kills any woman who reminds him of his wife. Sister of fighter woman gets in angry man's way. Sister of fighter woman dies. Fighter woman and cop guy track down angry man. Battle. End of movie. Sprinkle in scenes with a good looking psychiatrist and you've got the whole plot.This movie is somewhat realistic. There's a bit too much torture in this movie for my taste. Which is funny because I just finished watching A Chinese Torture Chamber Story. There's something about realistic domestic violence that I just don't find fun to watch. The fight scenes though, are very entertaining. Especially the last fight scene. I thought about posting it but I feel like it takes something away from the experience. It's better if you see if for the first time in the movie. All I'm going to tell you is that they shot slow motion punches without a slow motion camera.There really isn't too much to say about this movie. It is well executed considering the cast and budget. I can only think of favorable things to say about it. Any action movie fan who loves over the top presentation will enjoy this movie.

Ricardo H (it) wrote: "A" for effort but nothing more than a "D-" for execution