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Stuart and Snowbell set out across town to rescue a friend.

Stuart and Snowbell set out across town to rescue a friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Kay L (mx) wrote: Made me feel less creeped out.

David M (es) wrote: I honestly have no idea what happened in this movie. It's attempt to be half of horror sub-genres at once made it completely indecipherable. At the same time, it managed to creep me out, but I'm not actually sure if those parts were intentional. I was rolling my eyes and yelling "what the hell?" more than trying to understand what this movie was.

Duncan F (ca) wrote: Very powerful film that brings back lots of memories for those born in the 70'sCan't believe we wore clothes like that!

Mike L (fr) wrote: It definitely has a unique, gritty feel through it...a different film and dialogue style...and definitely an original. It could've been a cult classic minus a few major casting mistakes...some of the actors were just too bad to take. It was definitely good and gory.

Simeon T (fr) wrote: A run of the mill teen movie marketed as something more, except that it does have one or two more things going for it. Jena Malone is a terrific actress, a fine lead for any film, but even she can't make this movie any more than it is. The fatuous Pastor Skip, played with clueless earnestness by Martin Donovan, does. He embodies Evangelical superficiality in a way which is kind of funny, but too real to be too funny. Combining this with the zeal exemplified by the Mandy Moore character, Saved hints at the problems which have engulfed Evangelical communities and caused so much pain to its young. I never forgot the scene where the pastor excitedly talks about people being accidentally saved by listening to rock they didn't know was Christian. This is the Evangelical movement: Superficial, legalistic, obsessed with technicalities, driven alternately by fear and the high of zeal, an experience analogous to teenage infatuations, as well as the pressing desire to gain approval from the right people/authorities. No one is more stuck in high school than these folks who cling to biblical text as if it were a yearbook, where they are always the beautiful people.This indeed is hinting at the darker directions religion can take, but in a fizzy film. When it comes down to it, Saved wants to be a funny and sweet teen movie; it doesn't want to address the the darkest corners of its subject. The friend I saw this with had a sort of cathartic experience. All I came away from it with was the lasting impression of Pastor Skip, certainly far, far away from the darkest or nastiest evocation of Evangelical leadership, but perhaps a more cutting example for not being that dark, heavy character. It is as if he and what he represents is too insubstantial to merit deeper examination. He is the avatar of the self-parody that is the modern evangelical movement, an increasingly insular world ever reducing itself to the ridiculous.

Pasha A (ca) wrote: I don't like it! nothing special for me in it!

Paul J (us) wrote: I remember the book being good.

Dan K (es) wrote: It saddens me to see a favorite movie rated so poorly :-/

Bill J (ag) wrote: This is cream of the crop for fans of gore. Great story line.

Shamelle S (br) wrote: This movie will never get old

Tim S (es) wrote: Spies Like Us isn't remembered as one of the finest SNL offspring movies by any means. I used to watch it on cable when I was a kid and fell in love with it that way. I was disappointed when the internet came along to find that not as many people enjoyed it as much as I did. Oh well, different strokes for different folks, I guess. I like the combination of Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd as the two leads. They work well with each other, and John Landis' direction keeps things moving and funny. The plot feelings like an outtake film from the Three Stooges, but it works. These comedy movies, including Three Amigos, The Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters and the Vacation movies, were some of the last great comedy movies ever made, and it's a shame that we can't get any more charismatic comedians and good comedy directors and writers anymore. This is great stuff, and completely rewatchable.

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Robertson R (jp) wrote: Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man in this cinematic universe kick off!

Christopher M (nl) wrote: Beginning? Nope. Plot? Nope. Scares? Nope. Ending? Nope.

STCENTERPRISE (ca) wrote: I like Sidney Poitier's role in this film. The music even for the period's time was not the best but rather mediocre. I found it interesting how England's public schools are so disobedient and I had no clue that they have no capability to enforce capital punishment. That surprised me. I thought Sidney Poitier presented a kind of character which you don't see much of in that day. Thill that point I don't think films had never presented a male African character as a teacher and placed in England. It was a new concept to many. Also Sidney Poitier's teaching style was a new idea to be presented in films of the day. Although Sidney Poitier did a good job I like the teachers that are presented in The Dead Poets Society and Mr. Holland's Opus better.

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