Stuff and Dough

Stuff and Dough

A young man from Constanța who has his own business aims to expand, but he doesn't have the resources.

A newbie agrees to deliver the wrong merchandise for money. He will learn soon that this trip will change his views about life, forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ole J (de) wrote: This is a somewhat odd comedy, but it actually works very well for most parts, it is a strange family, some strange characters, a strange plot/story and all-in-all a strange or odd movie.There are many things in this that works out, it is a lot of small events that form the bigger picture and it is strangely intriguing, maybe because some of the small events will be something you will recognise from yourself or your family. It is all these small quirks and strange acts that makes this film work and make it realistic and believable.The pase is slow but homely, the characters could have been some from your family or home town and it is funny and entertaining in its own way.

Prae S (gb) wrote: Charlene's horor movie, first movie that she works with Oxide Pang. For the movie, not that great compare to other pang's movies. Charlene acts very well in this movie as well as Isabella Leong. Diary will be showed in '2007 Bangkok International Film Festival" on 19-29 July.

Jeroen V (gb) wrote: Realistic thriller that sometimes overstretches itself by far fetched conspiracies, had me gripped nonetheless.

David G (br) wrote: Terrible style and inappropriate for the time period.

1Sugga1 (it) wrote: Great movie if you like a lil history

Heith P (ag) wrote: Surprisingly good movie. Spacey plays a wonderful dick in this one (like most of his films). It just seems too natural for him...

Li K (it) wrote: I never really know how to deal with biopics. Is it more important to be accurate to a real person's life or to have a point? I think that's why I don't like biopics as much as other movies. I always want to like them, and they can be really well made, but I'm always left at the end going "so..... what was the message to take from that?" I guess the message here is if you're afraid of flying don't get on tiny little chartered planes to North Dakota.... even if you're not afraid of flying you should really probably go out of your way to avoid that.So, partly missing a star for that, but it was entertaining and mostly the acting was good, so I might've only taken half a star if it weren't for the terrible chemistry and stilted acting in most of the Ritchie/Donna scenes. And the snake. Even snakes are supposed to be safe and happy all of the time.

Michael W (ru) wrote: It tries to be a dark comedy of murdering the unmurderable. But it's too slow to build up to hijinks and not over the top enough when hijinks ensue to come across as anything but glorifying a killer. I understand Chaplin was trying to make a statement at the end, but it didn't pay off the same as his previous work.

Katie R (br) wrote: The film is held up by Pickford's fine performance.

bill b (gb) wrote: Bad actingBad scriptBad directing