Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator

Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator

STUFF STEPHANIE IN THE INCINERATOR is the twisted tale of a husband and wife, Jared and Stephanie, who delve into the demented fantasy games of the super wealthy.

A bored, filthy rich married couple and their hired help play sordid games of deception, kidnap, sexual intrigue, and perhaps murder when a secret alliance is formed to kill domineering husband Jared for money he's been hoarding from them. Meanwhile, he may have a secret or two up his sleeves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JuS B (us) wrote: the story is very simple, and the end isn't good, is not scary is confusing

Jay C (au) wrote: [2009.09.26 on DVD] Noisy guy....

Millo T (mx) wrote: There are a lot of interesting characters in this movie. Not only Bardem, which makes a very good physical acting, or the continuous references that he induces about his father, but also the women: the character of the mother, some of the lovers of Florentino, even the one who sings, Shakira... but the main female role, which is a dull character. I do not understand why Florentino is 50 years waiting for her.In fact, the main story is only 2.5 stars worth, but it is this characters which gives half an additional star.

Bear C (au) wrote: Probably one of my all time favorites.

Munaah K (jp) wrote: fascinating movie .. What happens to stupid boys? .... they meet "good girl" Kareena and her bad boy Fardeen .. hyperventilate before you start, coz you won't breathe during the rest of the flick ;) .. Fardeen bhai has such a cutie face and did such a lovely job .. I hate Shahid generally, but he acted very well as the totally smitten Romeo .. In the end tho, I think Kareena took the cake .. with the good girlyness .. hahhaha


Joseph H (mx) wrote: This wasn't a very good movie but it did keep me entertained. I credit the entertained part to Kelly Brook's breasts and Billy Zane's acting skill. There are several problems such as when the Boat is sinking the establishing shot CLEARLY shows them next to a coastline, then Brook is getting out of the water after swimming naked and suddenly BIKINI BOTTOMS APPEAR. Yes I realize that she needed to wear them to maintain the rating but this is a simple EDITING error. C'mon make your editor zoom in on the boat or the boobs a little more so your movie doesn't look like crap. It's not that hard. The heroes (spanish man and Brook) are very unlikable. I kept hoping that they would die. Billy Zane is supposed to be the Villain but in reality he's the only character I liked. If you're in some Billy Zane or Kelly Brook's boobs then you'll like it...if not...avoid

Ryan P (de) wrote: Don't get me wrong, I love Mariah Carey, but this film is an unintenionally funny mess.

Robert P (de) wrote: Interesting document of mainstream Italy's collaboration with Nazi suppresion of their Jewish population. Indulgent nostalgia in places and lacks the warmth and empahty of earlier work. Still better than average

Paul D (es) wrote: A total treat. unmissable.

JamesMasaki R (ru) wrote: Although it is a film with a very serious issues on racism and sexism set during the post-civil war west, Woody Strode commands as Sergeant Rutledge, a man on trial in a small town for rape and murder. Ford's film has obvious cultural importance and with his classic Monument Valley vistas as beautiful backdrops, but he keeps us entertained in the usual boring courtroom scenes with some actually hilarious comical bits. Others would've destroyed it, but Ford always knows how to balance serious and funny to the point where the seriousness is never diminished. And Woody Strode, although not top billed is commanding as Rutledge. No other black actor of that era had the caliber he had.

Ken C (br) wrote: I didn't know there was such...

Alain S (au) wrote: Stumbled and rewatched this movie last night! Why can't they make films like this anymore ... Such a wonderful film