Stupid 7

Stupid 7


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Stupid 7 torrent reviews

Maxime V (ru) wrote: Great plot, great cast performance!

Ricardo M (de) wrote: Se Isabelle Huppert me oferecesse um chocolate, eu beberia este chocolate.

jesse k (es) wrote: I didn't know this movie was directed by a pedophile. That's -- not good. Anyway, it's a weird film that I barely remember seeing before and I bought it today at Value Villiage on VHS for $1.99. I was desperate. The other movie I bought was Lock Up of with that macho retardate Stallone. Slim pickins.

Lucas M (nl) wrote: Could be funniest, could be more good writing, could be fresh... but isn't.

David R (us) wrote: It's a inspired story. No it isn't happening right now but this is definitely the direction that our country is heading. If we don't stand up for what this country was built on this Will be what we leave for our children. It's really time to make a stand for what this Country was built on. ONE NATION UNDER GOD

Christopher B (au) wrote: Ben Stiller is always great but otherwise not that funny or clever.

Josep P (ru) wrote: Esperando al rey [2016]