An exploration into the nature of stupidity in Western society and its history of our perception of it.

An exploration into the nature of stupidity in Western society and its history of our perception of it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen G (au) wrote: A fun and funny movie with great acting from the whole cast. A fun plot which isn't convoluted but not simple either. A good movie.

Colin D (ag) wrote: One of Laika's best! Some of the best stop-motion animation!

Paul K (es) wrote: Malick doing what Malick does. He's been doing it more frequently recently and I think that some of the mystique is wearing thin. However this film is unbeatable for weird, and wonderful, camera angles, atmospheric Hopper-esque landscape shots, tremendous musical score. The plot is hard to follow and full of nonsequiturs, and there's hardly any verbal dialogue. It isn't uplifting: the message seems to me to be that love fails and humans don't quite connect at the deepest level. Still, it's absorbing, and well-made, and unique.

Matthew L (fr) wrote: Mars Needs Moms is lame and stupid in a very forgetful way.

Stephanie H (es) wrote: i only like watched the ending and nick is soooo hotttt i want to watch the whole movie finally watched it and she bacame so obnoxious connor was cute too marco was sooooo ugly

Andrew L (jp) wrote: The only thing going for the film is it's visual style, other than that it is a very large and heavy lame-duck. Pixar are superior to Dreamworks and this proves it.

Alexander T (ag) wrote: This movie sucked a bag-full (approximately fourteen) of dicks.

Eira L (de) wrote: A bad, bad version of Mansfield Park. It has barely anything to do with the book and some of my favourite plot points had been changed in favour of - well, I don't even know what. The characters did not stay in character and the casting seems to have been done in a hurry. Gah. But, I did like Blake Ritson in this, and not all was horrible about this movie, so 2 stars it is.

Geoff C (au) wrote: A film as desolate and and empty as loss of John Candy. Considering his presence in the film, it ironically lacks soul. A sad way for John to end his life. Working on this. Roger Ebert said his legacy would survive this, and thank god it did.

Jody H (nl) wrote: Fairuza Balk's best role by far. I thought this movie was just the start for her...hmmm. It's a sad, quirky movie but I liked it.

john j (gb) wrote: Good performances by Willie Nelson, and a very young Gary Busey. Very good movie.

Nadeem A (gb) wrote: J.Lee Thompson's sumptuously romantic look at childhood, seen in part through the eyes of a seven year old Gillie Evans (Hayley Mills) and played to perfection with a good line-up of British actors from the 50's (including Hayley's father Sir John Mills, Meg Jenkins and Yvonne Mitchell). The story revolves around the witnessing of a murder in the Cardiff docklands. The haunting images are given their maximal effect through a Kaleidoscope of black and white cinematography. Highly Recommended.

Christopher H (it) wrote: In Josh Radnor's directorial debut, "HappyThankYouMorePlease" is a subtle drama about a writer taking in a young, African American boy left on the subway. The film never quite digs as deep as we hope, floundering with three love stories, when it should stick to one, yet it delivers Radnor in a new role, hopefully opening up roles outside of "How I Met Your Mother", even if the persona of Ted Moseby is engrained in his image. Kate Mara is stunning, as the high point of the film, begging the question of why her career hasn't entirely taken off yet. Zoe Kazan also delivers an endearing performance. Radnor's writing and directing may not have reached its peak with this film, but it screams independent film in the best of ways, hitting its mark without slapping us with romanticism.

Annie C (br) wrote: "Honey,all you have to be by the age of 23 is yourself."

Dane W (kr) wrote: Garfield is a clever choice, but not able to surpass Tobey Maguire's original role. This reboot is splendid, but is revisiting some plot points in the original. It follows the same direction of the comics making this a strong installment in the new franchise, just not as good.