Sture & Kerstin Forever

Sture & Kerstin Forever

The energetic Democrat Sture just went through a prostate surgery and feels his usually so powerful life is lost.

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Ben L (es) wrote: Holy Motors is among the strangest and most bizarre films I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. The film almost works as a kind of trance, and it's easy to get lost in. From the opening shot I was hooked, drawn into Leos Carax's world. From scene to scene there is a new and completely enticing set of events that range from hilarious to thrilling to horrifying to flat out bonkers. It's an apologetically strange film, and that's what makes it truly brilliant. This movie is near perfect.

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Scott R (gb) wrote: Gran Torino is a very good movie, which loses out on the chance to be great due to a surprisingly flat performance by star/director/producer Eastwood. Clint plays Walt Kowalski. an old-school, cuss-mouthed, gun-totin', beer-guzzlin', slur-throwin', scowling, grunting, grumpy, contemptuous Korean War vet and right honorable SOB, coping with the loss of his wife and interacting begrudgingly with the Asian Ethnic enclave that has taken over his neighborhood. For a long while we tag along with Walt as he slowly warms to his "gook" neighbors, particularly cheeky and precocious teenager Sue (Ahney Her in a wonderful performance), and her younger brother Thao, who Walt catches trying to steal his '72 Gran Torino for a local gang. Eventually Walt takes the boy under his wing, but as the boy wises up the threat of retaliation by the thugs he snubbed threatens the whole neighborhood.Unfortunately for us, Clint plays Walt as a caricature of the man he could be rather than the man himself. For a man with such a ripe and conflicted background he carries no nuance whatsoever, beating the "I'm pissed at the world and I'll say whatever the f%&k I want" drum over, and over, and over. The result is a wonderfully long string of unintentional comedy permeating the first two-thirds of the film. Were Eastwood to follow these laughs and the thus-far pleasant, predictable plot to the end, he would have made an unremarkable but perfectly entertaining film.Gran Torino aspires to be above that, but by the time it speeds up and turns to a dark, compelling place befitting that aspiration, we're too stuck in the silliness to become engrossed, and when it reaches its poignant and powerful end, I found it hard to be moved. Depsite the disjuncture, Gran Torino is a strong film, and well worth a watch or two. Had Eastwood breathed a bit more life into his character in the early goings, however, he would have elevated the film to a much higher level.

Riley H (ru) wrote: Too much slow-mo but otherwise fascinating

Spencer P (gb) wrote: Jack Black's wild performance and Jared Hess' Wes Anderson-esque knack for live-action wackiness are enough to make this otherwise pathetic romp a load of fun anyway.

Mark T (ag) wrote: Definately Leo DiCaprio's best film up until The Departed.

William C (es) wrote: After "Lawrence of Arabia," this may be O'Toole's best part, and the movie is as close to a perfect comedy as possible--hardly a wasted line or extraneous moment occurs. Unfortunately, it was released around the time of "Officer and a Gentleman" and "ET," so it never got the attention it should have, but this coming-of-age story about a young man meeting his idol and their ensuing relationship brings up the question of what it is to be a man in a manner both affecting and effective.