Styx: Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight - Live

Styx: Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight - Live

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Styx: Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight - Live torrent reviews

Nathaniel B (au) wrote: Nothing great about this movie. It wasn't that funny, nor had much action. But I still liked it overall. I like romantic comedies, and this movie had a hint of romance in it.

(us) wrote: Good flick. Charlize is excellent. It can be a little hard to stomach for those who went through those awkward high school years. However, the story is great, the acting is great, and the reality of life definitely comes through.

James T (es) wrote: A film which describes its self as featuring "sexy demons", "a horde of slaughtering zombies", "Special appearances by Caroline Munro and Aldo Sanbrell" and "Music by Buckethead".Some of the music is indeed by Buckethead. One song which gets repeated every so often and consists of Buckethead shouting "Flesh for the beast!" over and over.As for the special appearances I had no idea who Caroline Munro and Aldo Sanbrell were but after a Google search I found out Caroline Munro is an actress that has played in many older horror films and a James Bond film. However in Flesh for the Beast she plays a very small role as gypsy lady. As for Aldo Sanbrell it turns out it's actually the actor of spaghetti westerns Aldo SaMbrell. It's rather shameful to misspell the name of your special appearance on your front cover.Speaking of the front cover, despite it being obviously heavily photoshopped I'm sure the three women shown aren't actually in the film. There are three women in the film but they don't look anything like the women on the cover.The story starts of a bit like House on a Haunted Hill. A creepy man invites a group of people (one of which looks a lot like the Candyman) to a house with a dark history. These guests are parapsychologists and set off individually to investigate the house. Soon enough they start getting killed off one by one. This is where the "sexy demons" appear. As succubus like creatures the seduce a man and then kill him. Sadly it's really not as arousing as it sounds. There is also a subplot about an amulet running through the story.As for the "horde of slaughtering zombies" it's actually five ghosts which appear and disappear without doing anything.The death scenes were all right. There were one or two plot twists which were fun but over all Flesh for the Beast is an average low budget horror film.

Emod L (ru) wrote: 78%Tenacious D is hilarious, musically astute, and goofy enough to entertain most viewers with its unique bombast.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: A hilarious goofy comedy that makes me laugh to tears from beginning to end, and it is so amazing the way it embraces kung fu action, Western movies tropes, cartoonish visual effects and a lot of delicious nonsense to create a unique martial arts movie.

Stella D (ru) wrote: this film is one of those discomfort making works like mike leigh's naked or solondz' happiness. the study of a bourgeois family on vacation, mostly having a miserable time: there's no real plot here but the ending, when it comes, seems inevitable. rather stunning for a debut film. be warned: there are virtually no likeable characters. i'd love to see more of martel's work

Judy H (jp) wrote: Heavy-handed and overwrought in parts but tells a magical story.

Giano P (mx) wrote: The Vogue Era (Immaculate Collection, The Blonde Ambition Tour) is what I consider the peak years of the Queen of Pop. And in this documentary, that era was captured in an unusually modest way. But it's rich and deep in a way that what we can recall best from the film is not the fabulous live performances but the backstage activity which is actually the heart of the film. It's even sexy. In almost 2 hours, we watch Madonna Ciccone's luxurious encounters with cancellations, family ties, love interests and most especially her back-up dancers (whom she considers her children here). Truth or Dare is their slice of life and it is fun because of them. With this one, Madonna cleared out that she's a better actress playing herself rather than playing some other role. She's adorable and never as stunning. And I just love how she snubbed Kevin Costner.

Andrew L (us) wrote: Better to rest in the warm belly of a friend than in the cold cold ground

Garreth H (nl) wrote: The story of the making of this film is almost as good as its plot. A man with a singular, if consfusing, vision - bring Frankenstein back to the screen, but make him a lot bigger so he can fight King Kong! Well, that didn't happen, and nor did a planned rumble with Godzilla himself (even during a creative nadir where Godzilla Vs. Satan was seriously considered), but the film was finally made. There's even a direct sequel, but they lost the Frankenstein licence so it was released as "War Of The Gargantuas". You wouldn't credit it, but this is decently plotted and quite well acted and paced. The big let-down is Baragon, who looks a bit too goofy with his big floppy ears. Still, this is better than some of the worse Godzilla films, so not a bad effort really.

Adrian B (jp) wrote: Powerful performances all round from Brando to Buttons and Umeki to Taka.Essentially Romeo and Juliet Japanese Style. The film has some really heart-breaking scenes, and touches on a subject that many in the world still suffer today. Great film.

Gena G (it) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Patrick Fugit is powerful and draws in sensitivity & empathy as William. You begin to care about & for him & his ensuing journalism career. Furthermore, Billy Crudup & Jason London are beautiful & each deliver strong performances!

Syed R (fr) wrote: For a anthology film, it's kinda weak. It tries to be a cross between Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow but it never goes that far. You get 3 shorts and I gotta say none of them are that great. It's good as a product of its time but unless if you're a big horror fan you'll probably get bored. That said, this movie exists solely for the cameos. It was cool seeing Mark Hamill, Sam Raimi, Greg Nicotero, Roger Corman, David Warner, Wes Craven Tobe Hooper, and Carpenter himself in one film.

Di B (br) wrote: very believable for the most part

Timmy H (au) wrote: The main characters are unlikeable.

Matt R (ag) wrote: A film a little too well-crafted for B-movie camp, and too ridiculous for real horror. The titular antagonist is a wicked treat, but everything else is a surprising dud.