Sua Eccellenza si fermò a mangiare

Sua Eccellenza si fermò a mangiare

A petty thief pretends he is Mussolini's personal physician, wins the confidence of a family and succeeds in stealing their gold cutlery.

A petty thief pretends he is Mussolini's personal physician, wins the confidence of a family and succeeds in stealing their silver cutlery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (kr) wrote: Japanese film mocking war once again. They are kind of good at it. If the englishes were losing wars, they would do this. A different take on the soldier coming back with no members. This one still has stubbles and a face, contrary to our canadian equivalent that came back only with a torso and his brain and could communicate only in morse. So here, our hero is in much better shape, has a wife and is refered to as war god. He is also plunged into the vulnerable position, even though he is still abusive. This pushes him to reconsider his own previous abuses as well as becoming easily abused. A funny turn of event. Very nice photography with the beautiful sepia tone. We get to see some japanese way of life and thinking.

Paul K (gb) wrote: It's a bit Catherine Cookson, but it's penetrating and honest and moving. Beautifully produced, the the technical side is never visible - it's all about the story, not the arty camera shots or groovy soundtrack. Based on a true story, this was a good watch.

Samuel H (kr) wrote: The movie starts by introducing us to about 15 characters, whom we don't even care to know. Then as it continues you begin to note the ridiculous over-acting and unintentional corniness. However, the historical story behind it, the dancing, and the charm make it an interesting view, especially to someone who is new to Bollywood films.

Eliabeth M (ru) wrote: Cathy Whitaker: That was the day I stopped believing in the wild ardor of things. Perhaps in love, as well. That kind of love. The love in books and films. The love that tells us to abandon our lives and plans, all for one brief touch of Venus. So often we fail at that kind of love. The world just seems too fragile a place for it. And of every other kind, life remains full. Perhaps it's just we who are too fragile.Una poderosa pelcula que examina la deplorable situacin de discriminacin en los 50s. Es dificil creer que las cosas pudieron ser as alguna vez. Y slo demuestra lo mucho que hemos avanzado. Los personajes son interpretados de una manera realista y sensible. La cinematografa es genial ya que es fiel a la era en la cual esta basada al igual que la msica que le da ese toque del pasado. Est todo bien logrado, aunque en algunas partes el tema se siente dramatizado, y no te envuelve completamente.

Mike C (jp) wrote: Play me a song, you're the piano man! Nominated for seven Oscars in 1996. Geoffrey Rush won an Academy Award for Best Actor as piano genius David Helfgott. Though the movie is not even two hours long, it does have that drag-on quality. Even so, not a bad story, and very-well acted by Rush, so that should get you through it.I've long thought musicians are probably the free-est people in the world. Slash, for instance, could have walked into any bar in the 1990s and played for money. Such is the case here...kind of. As the movie goes, but not necessarily the true story, Helfrott learns to play while suffering from an abusive father. At the height of his playing as a young man, he has a mental breakdown and goes to a mental institution. After while, he begins to get involed with piano again. Soon, he is sort of own his own, and he stumbles upon a restaurant with a piano. Soon, he's the star again as the house pianist. Interesting story. The character is always a little odd, but after the breakdown, he really seems more like a savant. Little social skill but he can rock the holy hell out of a piano. I always like to see stories about people who are extremely talented in one skill but are otherwise failures. It's as if all the learning possibly by one person is funneled into one skill. That's great.

Zurino O (ca) wrote: loved this one back in the day

colleen y (ru) wrote: Best worst movie I've ever seen."Wanna date?"

Jared S (ag) wrote: I remember growing so tired of this movie cuz my brother was sooo in love with it he would rent it everytime he'd get the with jackson playing Sho'Nuff? Hmmm.....nah, I'll leave my opinions to myself, nevermind.

Michael H (au) wrote: Combines the surface elements of Noir and Science Fiction (about an 80/20 mix) in a pastiche that seems like the product of a cynical, French Ed Wood (with somewhat better cinematography) up until the conclusion which reveals a very Ed-Wood-ian earnest romanticism.