Subconscious Cruelty

Subconscious Cruelty

Subconscious Cruelty is divided into four segments. Ovarian Eyeball; a naked woman is sliced by a sharp blade and an eyeball removed from her belly. Human Larvae; a deranged man who hates his pregnant sister kills both her and her newborn offspring during delivery. Rebirth; naked people roll around in mud and blood. Right Brain/Martyrdom; religious symbolism is associated with gore and sex.

"Subconscious Cruelty" is divided in four segments: Ovarian Eyeball - a naked woman is sliced by a sharp blade and an eyeball is removed from her belly. Human Larvae - a deranged man that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon C (nl) wrote: a ridiculous amount of B-movie madnessvery, very short but has enough of bad effects, horribly-written characters, and stupidness to make it a watchthanks to a chemical spilled near a beaver damn it creates silly zombie-like beaver puppets to kill off some haneous teensit's one of the more binge-worthy creature flicks to chuck popcorn at

Andy G (br) wrote: Report 51 is a cheap alien abduction movie about a couple being taunted by an alien through their house takes too long to get the movie going . Very badC- (2012)

Scott C (gb) wrote: Ultra realistic, dark, gritty British drama.

Amanda H (ru) wrote: I was intrigued at the idea of this being based on a true story, but it turned out that didn't matter. This is just another gorefest with no point whatsoever. I watched about half of it and gave up because I had already seen the same exact thing before, several times, with different titles. Namely, Cabin Fever and The Hills Have Eyes. Don't waste your time with this movie.

xou x (au) wrote: The Cold Eternal. The film was honored by awards so I decided to check it out. And my god was it horrible. Every serious moment was laughable, the dialogue was silly to hear, and the scares were just....well not scary. The plot follows Sam(Thomas Calabro) whos a struggling writer. He gets a job at the local store. He soon finds out that his boss is already dead and is using other peoples skin to live. Talk about eternal life...yuck. This movie is just a waste of time. It won the awards out of pity. Calling it classical and one of a kind. Well it is, for being the dumbest horror movie I have ever seen. It tries to be a hostel flick that takes place in coolers instead of large abandoned buildings. Oh yeah, the funny part is that it all takes place in the back rooms of a small liquor store. How suprisingly stupid. The acting was horrible and the only decent job was done by James Russo who plays the obsessed cop. A man whos been in 90 movies and yet, mediocre. Everyone else were amateurs. The lines are plain and the musical score were so badly used that you didnt really understand what the situation was. They used a suspense score for a job interview. I mean, COME ON! The film is just sick and tries to mimic other horror movies. It fails even at that, so in the end you get a big fat ZERO. The writing was bad, the directing was bad, even the action was bad, There is no reason to like this film unless you liked watching prostitutes get skined alive. Which is a pretty odd fetish. The funny part is that the prostitutes brought actual light to the film. After watching this pile of junk, I had to make the comparison. This is a Hostel ripoff and it seems boobs are a better sight then this. Skip it and if you happen to own it. Just burn it. Not to forget the special effects. I know this is a small budget film but come on. I felt like I was watching a 1960 space film. Even the flames looks incredibly fake. Talk about effort. This is a effortless film. Has no desire to become interesting and its goal is to try to piss us off. Honest to god, it succeeds. Chill tries to become an original piece of work but lackluster effort makes this pickup trash for early monday. 0/4

Natasha D (au) wrote: David Boreanz gives it his all in this 2006 film he is happy and so cheery all the way through he makes it fun. The plot is the same plot outline as the 2008 My Best Friend's Girl with Dane Cook and Goldie Hawn amazing to see the same plot done in different locations but it is a much more kind of innocent and childish version eg. the sex scene is far fetched as they both keep their clothes on and make huge facial expressions but its just odd. The racing the kids in the gocart again childish and a lot of the jokes are lame. The deep and meaningful moments don't always work. Its a lot of fun though as David is always a delight to watch and the mambo dance scene is hot. I love watching David act hence the extra star.

Julio S (gb) wrote: A NY Times reviewer gave this a positive review. Goes to show, you just have to make your own conclusions. I saw this back in 2003 and there's inexplicably a manga out that is loosly relataed to the film, so it made me look at this again. I wish I hadn't.How they got classic italian/cult classic actors like Caroline Munro and Aldo Sambrell - I have no idea. This is your basic group of supernatural investigators come to a old mansion and get off'ed one by one, only here its flesh eating succubi. It just doesn't entertain enough, and I can't see the comparisons to Fulci movies that I've been reading about in certain reviews. The DVD does have a trailer for Blood Feast 2 by Herschel Gordon Lewis (40 years later!), which I now want to see!

Michael Lee T (it) wrote: An intense and intriguingly gripping character driven feature directed by Mary Harron. American Psycho revolves around Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), a wealthy New York investment banking executive that continually hides his deranged psychopathic alter ego from co-workers and friends.The film revolves around strong themes of materialism, narcissism and mental illness, showing them in a well paced and stylish way, creating very dark humour throughout. It also perfectly depicts a culture where greed and success are everything, showing the implications of such pressures through Patrick Bateman's mental state. The film is driven by the ego of the main character and ultimately its his downfall as a result of this ego, that brings his sanity into question. This change in character, from focused to helpless, makes American Psycho so impressive. Bale is fantastic, giving a chilling and powerful performance that sticks in the memory.What I loved about this film was the very clever and though-provoking ambiguous ending. It leaves things up to interpretation and as a result it forces you to consider what has happened in the film prior.

Sarfara A (it) wrote: Born Free! Directed by James Hill. A British film based on true story about British couple who raised a lioness called 'Elsa' through her adulthood; from 1960's book of same name by Joy Adamson. Film won an Academy Award for Best Music Score by John Barry, including Best Song nomination for title song 'Born Free' written by James Barry (Music) and Don Black (Lyrics). Film follows actual couple Joy Adamson (played by Virginia McKenna) and George Adamson (played by Bill Travers). The Adamsons domesticate three cubs into adulthood, while the two larger ones are sent to Rotterdam Zoo, the younger (named 'Elsa) remains with the couple into adulthood. Time comes when things change drastically for both the couple and Elsa, to opt for freedom to roam freely or go to prison-like zoo. It's a sentimental picture, combines several elements within to offer its audience a brilliant family drama, that can be enjoyed adult and kids alike. Film altered course of lives of actors Virginia and Bill, to be advocates for animal-rights. They successfully launched foundation called Born Free Foundation. Film spawned few without the original cast returning, including sequel 'Living Free 1972'. An American tele-drama containing 13-episods, was aired by NBC. .

Jenny B (nl) wrote: Not as good as the original film. Which was much more moving and poignant, however the story is so good that even a third rate Directoe could have made this great classic work.

BRUNO V (au) wrote: An interesting movie again ...Love Meg so...