Subete ga kurutteru

Subete ga kurutteru

The young rebel Juro has to deal with an environment of crime and prostitution, and the impact of its choices on personal relationships: one with his mother, with the lover of the latter and with a girl in love with him.

The story follows Jirō, a rebellious high schooler, in his sadomasochistic and criminal misadventures, specifically as they relate to his girlfriend, mother and her lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny G (br) wrote: Really good, they finally seem more like teens and not kids, loved the movie

Dan K (br) wrote: Reminded me of biking through the bowels of Brooklyn and Queens to get to Rockaway Beach just to see the Heliotropes play one song at a hot dog stand, then I bike back to Manhattan to see Grum DJ while I was covered in sweat and sand. One of the best days of my life, had more fun than these girls did.

Wendell B (nl) wrote: Excellent Story Line with an Aerobatic Production

Bruce20 B (de) wrote: Not bad, not bad at all. Above average X-Men movie but not as good as United. My Score: 70%

Jared M (mx) wrote: Rating: 22/100 (F) Larry the Cable Guy should stick to stand-up comedy, something he's below average. he's a terrible actor.

Logan M (ru) wrote: For a melodrama, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" is actually quite pleasant, and not as predictable as you would think.

Ejan Y (jp) wrote: like this movie, Jo han Seon is my fav Korean actor.

Jordan K (ag) wrote: Employee of the Month seems like it's the 12 year old rendition of Office Space, with gay and fart jokes galore and cliches everywhere - it's not fresh and original, and we've seen this all before.Zach Bradley is a box boy at the Super Club retail megastore, hoping to win over the hot new cashier Amy and outsmart the flashy suckup Vince's months and months of winning employee of the month. Zach attempts to beat him in his quest to get his prize of a new car, his hopeful girlfriend, and an induction into the workplace's hall of fame.Employee of the Month lacks laughs and talent. All the actors chosen were nowadays laughable fads of the 2000s and their characters so bland and unlikable. The film's attempts at making likable loser secondary characters like the blind pervert and the dumb security guard fails miserably. The jokes are of middle schooler calibur and are filled with immaturity and stupidity. Employee of the Month deserves no awards here...

Grant K (ca) wrote: A highly intelligent, intellectual character study shaped as a thriller. Wonderful performances in an almost brilliant script.

Tui S (ru) wrote: would love to hear from them about this movie please!

Erik S (ca) wrote: Ass det r ju kul med stumfilm. Men visst, den hr r nog strre i sitt historiska sammanhang n idag. Livepiano till filmen blir nd som att g p konsert.

Sjors V (gb) wrote: awsome ferry funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew G (ca) wrote: The French original was better!