Submarine Command

Submarine Command

Submarine commander Ken White reminisces about his wartime years aboard submarine USS Tiger Shark and struggles with feelings of personal guilt.

Submarine commander Ken White is forced to suddenly submerge, leaving his captain and another crew member to die outside the sub during WW II. Subsequent years of meaningless navy ground ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (de) wrote: While I enjoyed the sweet nature of the love between Normand and Emily I found the story a little bit perverted. A kid that pretends to have terminal cancer while his father dies from the disease is sick.

Andr D (kr) wrote: La primera parte de este megadocumental dirigido por Martin Scorsese es toda una obra maestra que busca comprender quien era ese Beatle silencioso, solitario, mistico, cinico y espiritual llamado George Harrison. Obligatorio para cualquier fanatico de los cuatro de Liverpool y recomendado para todos aquellos que creen que los unicos personajes interesantes en los Beatles eran John y Paul.

Abunidal P (au) wrote: This is a excellent movie about the Cuban Missle Crisis, I praise their performances for Kevin Coster, Bruce Greenwood, Steven Culp, and Dylan Baker. However, unlike the 1974 docudrama, this film contains some newly declassified information not available to the earlier production.

Sean D (fr) wrote: A super awkward coming-of-age teenager film from the '90s. As campy as can be. Excellent plot. A bit slow and could focus more on the actual disturbing behavior going on instead if trying to show everything in the last 20 minutes of the film. An interesting plot. Pretty bad acting.

Julian T (br) wrote: This movie isn't even about Picasso. It would have been nice to see Hopkins tackle an actual biopic, but this is a basterdized and misplaced attempt at an inaccurate romantic drama. Instead of watching a movie about Picasso and his evolution as an artist, we instead follow the lifestory of a coat riding girlfriend. It is boring, tedious, unbearably overlong, and just focuses on the most unneccisary and trivial things in an extremely interesting and inspirational life. Suprisingly, the acting is a major flaw. Hopkins does not exhude the ere of Picasso, who while confident and sometimes boisterous, was often introverted and very sensitive. McElhone is ok, but for some reason, she instead of Hopkins is counted on to carry the film, and her act wears pretty thin in a 2 hour plus movie. The direction is wandering, aimless and focusless, which given the plot, fits right in. (That was not a complement). The script is heavy, and bogs down the already questionable interplay between the actors. I did enjoy a few things, particularly the interplay between Picasso and his friend/rival Henri Matesse, which was one of the few accurate points in the story. Above all the acting/script/direction problems is the story. I can overlook some of the above weaknesses if I'm given an entertaining plot. But this is dry, self-important, going nowhere dribble. There is little to no time spent on Picasso as far as his artistic development, genius or inspiration. There is little to no time spent on Picasso as an artist at all. Picasso the ARTIST is where a Picasso movie becomes worthwhile, not Picasso the womanizing deuche.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Yet another tour de force production from AIP director Prior. A mercenary training camp 75 miles outside of Los Angeles picks up victims from the city to use as live runners to train their men. Training seems to be going well until they unknowingly kidnap a former top mercenary to use as a runner, who leaves a trail of dead bodies among those hunting him down. No surprise to see Cameron Mitchell here.

Robyn M (br) wrote: Rod Lurie has returned to his original combination of preoccupations for "Nothing But The Truth", the film that will, if there is any justice in the world (and at the box-office), arc his reputation from cult indie filmmaker for the educated-elite into the most important mainstream movie maker in the business, able to entertain with edge of your seat suspense while quietly informing you about the most important elements in our society.Clearly, "Nothing But The Truth" was inspired by the Valerie Plame/Judy Miller incident: the film focuses on a curious relationship that develops between a reporter (Kate Beckinsale) and a spy (Vera Farmiga) when the former "outs" the latter in a newspaper story. Yet anyone expecting a combination of docudrama and roman-a-clef will be in for a surprise. Rather than remain slavishly true to the details, or even the essence, of the real-life situation, Lurie employs the premise but loosely, in order to explore those issues that most matter to him: the powers of the press and the politicos, as well as the impact of their natural conflict on the all-important First Amendment.

Lee M (mx) wrote: This is a return to the B horror flicks that we used to see on the old Friday night fright fest television shows years ago. And that's not intended as a negative (or a positive for that matter).

isaac k (nl) wrote: this was an imaginative movie and it did a good job of combining horror and humor. it had you guessing at whether you be laughing or screaming next