Submarine X-1

Submarine X-1

After losing a submarine and fifty crew in a battle with a German ship during WWII, a Royal Navy officer gets a second chance in a daring raid with midget subs.

After losing a submarine and fifty crew in a battle with a German ship during WWII, a Royal Navy officer gets a second chance in a daring raid with midget subs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy W (es) wrote: As much as I would like to support low budget movies, I didn't enjoy this at all. The usual found footage preamble with setting up the cameras, wobbly cam... Just didn't see anything fresh here.

Matty S (ru) wrote: I realize I am in the minority. But, I found this film dull.

Cavillea D (de) wrote: Garrett Hedlund and Lindsey Lohan cancel out every bad thing about this movie...I'd have sex with this movie. Seen it; Lohan gets molested and molests...

James D (ca) wrote: I don't know why it took me so long to watch this film, I love Pacino, and Matthew M is slowly becoming one of the most talented actors of today. Although, back in 2005 when this was made, he was still in that romantic comedy, funny good looking guy mode. It may work in this film, but it's not the best, for either actors. It's pretty slow, boring, not a hell of a lot happens. I mean nothing really could with the sports gambling scene the way this is written. I guess if you like the two actors I'd watch it to get it out of the way. But all in all, it's missable. The acting is sub par, the best you get is out of Pacino and Rene Russo no doubt, but other than that it has a stench to it. You're better off watching something on ESPN. 3/5 JD


David K (nl) wrote: so slick and dark...and they're asian americans!

Gareth W (au) wrote: A great insight to the world of the gay porno industry. Funny, dramatic, and realistic dialogue. A very enjoyable watch and look at the darker side of sex.

Scott M (it) wrote: It's the plot of Candyman mixed with the plot of Nightmare on Elm St. SORTA. With boring results.

Jonathan P (ca) wrote: A young Leonardo DiCaprio gives the film a reason to be seen but the Critters series has run its course and lost it's bite.

Marc R (au) wrote: A bustling, panoramic view of Americana with as rich an ensemble cast as the '70s have given us.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: OK so probably more of interest because of its heritage and legacy, The Quatermass Xperiment is still a watchable and enjoyable movie dated though it may be.Based on the Nigel Kneale penned BBC TV series that apparently scared the nation witless in the early 1950s this was the movie that set Hammer film studios along its horror path, although this tale is more science fiction than the gothic horror that was to become their meat and drink.Set in a post war Britain where naturally we'd be the first to have a manned space mission, something goes horribly wrong when the spaceship returns to Earth. Only one astronaut survives, his shipmates having being turned into goo.What follows is a gruesome metamorphosis into a cactus before he finally transforms into a giant, spore bearing octopus that is cornered in West Minster Abbey.The unfortunate astronaut is played creepily by Richard Wordsworth who manages to turn in a performance with just the right amount of mania and pain. He is ably supported by a plethora of old British acting talent such as Jack Warner, Lionel Jeffries, Gordon Jackson and Thora Hird (who gives a lovely little performance as a drunken tramp).Sadly, for me, the movie is let down by the performance of Brian Donlevy who seems far removed from the character of Quatermass as envisioned by Kneale or indeed originally played on television so brilliantly by Reginald Tate and later by Andre Morell. Donlevy approaches the role with a strange mix of Chicago mobster and hack reporter that jars with the setting and background of the story. Indeed it would be over a decade before Hammer seemed to get the casting of this role just right in their version of Quatermass and the Pit when Andrew Keir took on the role in the third of their films based on the character.Still this is an interesting film and a lot more intelligent than other sci-fi flicks of the era and could be seen as the granddaddy of later movies such as Alien.Worth a watch.

Fatty I (ca) wrote: this film is aight bt iv ceen beta.

Zanalee Z (au) wrote: Great for the music more than anything else. Poitier and Newman bring compelling intensity to a rather simple story but it never really develops into anything deeper. I do have to say though that these two men together generate a lot of sex appeal. Jeezus. They don't make 'em like that anymore. : )

Connor A (ca) wrote: Apart from the somewhat misogynistic undertone, this film throws in too many narrative sparks that never catch light. Not much more than a shockfest.

Bruce s (gb) wrote: i wish they would play some the old films more offten