Navy SEALs launch a rescue mission after terrorists plunge a jet carrying a missile-launching computer into the sea.

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Wiebke K (ca) wrote: An interesting movie about teenage life in isolated Alaska.

Lucas Y (au) wrote: Never been a big Cameron Crowe fan, but I enjoyed this. I like that he focused more on family than romance for a change. Has a very Disney movie vibe to it and nothing surprising, but it's pleasing enough.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: Rob Reiner's seeming faithful adaptation is his version of "Little Manhattan" in reverse situation on young love with the same good-natured look on the topic. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Nanette G (br) wrote: Very Inspirational.!

Id Hate 2 C U Go But Always In My (mx) wrote: I ENJOYED THE MOVIE AND THE HUSBAND IS AN A**HOLE

Negroski007hotmailcom N (ru) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Keenan S (gb) wrote: There can be only one truly shitty Highlander film, and this film takes the cake on that thought. I'm a person who enjoyed the second, third, and fourth film, but this film was so awful, even I hate it! That's right; even an admitted fan of the second film can't salvage The Source because it is too awful. The film is almost indescribably bad in nearly every way as this sequel gleefully pisses all over everything people loved about the first film and the TV series with Adrian Paul, as if it was going through a checklist of things to ruin. The story is incomprehensible and unbelievably stupid, the acting even from returning cast members is shitty, the dialogue desecrates the infinitely quotable lines the series is known for, it has the worst fight scenes I've ever seen, the effects are stunningly bad, and the film even finds time to butcher the wonderful Queen songs from the first film (Try not wanting to scream when you hear the horrible butchering of "Princes Of The Universe", I dare you). This is beyond any doubt, one of the worst sequels I've ever seen, as well as being one of the worst action films, and one of the worst films overall. No matter how big of fan you are of the Highlander series, save yourself and never watch this film.

Arsala P (it) wrote: Beginning was cute and funny but then it got SOOO BORING!!!!

Matt M (us) wrote: Not as emotionally engaging as it should have been. Naturally, this being a John Ford film, the action sequences are exciting, and Wayne plays one of the roles he obviously liked to play the most - the soldiers' father like figure.

Cynthia S (es) wrote: I really like Terrence Howard, and this movie was pretty good. Despite being super-sweet (to the point of saccharine), and being emotionally heavy-handed, I still had tears well in my eyes from time to time. While not overtly racist, this film was subtly racist. In the entire film there was only one positive white character, and he was only shown briefly at the beginning. Many of the white characters were blatantly, and ridiculously evil. BUT..I understood the meaning of the movie, and I did enjoy it.