A limo ride turns hellish as several kidnappers set their sights on the young people inside.

A handful of kidnappersĀ set their sights on Jessie in a grander planĀ to strike back at Searles. Then Jessie and her friends have to do whatever they can to survive after their pursuers send their limo crashing off a bridge into a lake. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bridget K (nl) wrote: Idk why it says it comes out in November because I watched it over a month ago! I liked it! Twisted ending!

Priya S (ag) wrote: Brilliant movie. Unfortunately no prints available.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Paint-by-numbers rom-com, and the quirky sub-genre, in this case extreme snow-sports is not that interesting a foil.

Cynthia S (br) wrote: I thought that this movie was a hoot! Maybe I was just in the mood for a gruesome, silly, sci-fi alien flick.

Stefan L (au) wrote: typical sports comedy...and after tom selleck in mister baseball everything's gonna fall short...not more than ok

Justin B (nl) wrote: The integration of more elements from the games was promising but it's a mess of a film that gets worse and worse as it progresses. More of the same pg-13 action disguised as horror. Nemesis was an ungodly disappointment.

Grace S (jp) wrote: Of all the movies Full Moon Entertainment produced, I would say that "Dollman" was one of their best offerings. Sure, the budget is low and there is nothing too great about the story. But at least it entertains for 70 odd minutes. Brick Bardo is a "Dirty Harry" type cop, who infamously lays waste to the scumbags on his planet. Not surprisingly, an old enemy of his plots his elimination, and then we get to see Bardo's powerful magnum in action as he takes on the villains on his home planet... And ours. Clint Eastwood, eat your heart out!! Tim Thomerson was magnificent in the "Trancers" films, as the rogue, time-travelling cop, Jack Deth. So it was great to see Thomerson playing a different character, so not unlike the character of Jack Deth. I actually saw "Dollman" before "Trancers", but I think both films are among Thomerson's best work. A shame that Thomerson hasn't been in anything nearly as good since. But you may have seen him in something, as he continues to star in movies.

John W (es) wrote: Strangest film experience of my life. Video we rented had the soundtrack of a different movie on it!

Allan C (gb) wrote: Noir-ish mystery set in London and directed by one of my favorites, Douglas Sirk. Karloff only has one scene, but it's a memoralbe one. Good dramatic performance by Lucille Ball and George Sanders is always very cool. Douglas Sirk has a few good stylish moments, but this is a far cry from Sirk's brilliant The Tarnished Angels or All That Heaven Allows.

Thomas B (br) wrote: **It's got some funny jokes, and a great setup, but I found Seven Psychopaths to be a mostly underwhelming endeavor.