Leo Monroe is a young man on the verge of adulthood -- and on the verge of a meltdown -- in this charmingly dysfunctional comedy filled with wacky characters, a topical storyline, and budding romance.Forced to leave college after losing his student loan in a bad economy, Leo returns to his childhood home to find it is in the primary stages of foreclosure. To make matters worse, he also discovers his relatives and neighbors are losing their homes as well due to shady loan practices. In an effort to keep the family afloat, all of Leo's relatives (who are universally unemployed) must move into Leo's house together. "Subprime" is an off beat family minefield of a comedy dealing not only with todays housing crisis and employment downturn, but also looks at life through the eyes of a young suburban adult forced to reexamine his beliefs about everything he holds dear.

An off beat family minefield of a comedy dealing not only with todays housing crisis and employment downturn. Leo Monroe a young suburban adult is forced to reexamine his beliefs about everything he holds dear. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay S (au) wrote: Massive Kevin Fan Seen all his material, This show felt much more forced than his previous shows, and some jokes are far from believable but still enjoyable to watch if you're a fan already, as we can never get enough of kevin

Evan S (br) wrote: A great sequel to a great movie.Great for all ages.A must see!!

Andrew B (kr) wrote: Some good acting, but nothing that stands out.

Ron D (jp) wrote: A solid if unspectacular thriller, "Proof of Life" starts strong with tried and true, but always effective premise (a photographer is kidnapped for ransom by a bunch of Central American guerrilla warriors so his wife hires an anti-terrorism expert to get him back alive) and an appealing cast (besides superstars Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe, both of whom I personally don't have much use for but do have a large fan base out there, the film is well directed by Taylor Hackford ("The Devil's Advocate") and features an ace supporting performance from David Caruso who steals every scene he's in and more or less the film itself), but devolves into a standard issue action flick and, worse yet, piles on additional, needless melodrama which gradually drags the film down to the point of sinking it altogether. I understand the desire to make a film that is more than just another terrorist/hostage shoot 'em up, but "Proof of Life" doesn't really have anything else to offer, even though it thinks it does with a forced will they/won't they dynamic between Crowe and Ryan (still button-cute here, before becoming yet another Hollywood plastic surgery victim a few years later) and some hamfisted and unrealized political commentary. If you're looking for a better melding of big-scale action thriller and political commentary, check out something like "Blood Diamond." I hate to discourage making a smarter, multi-layered action film, but it has to be done right. As it is "Proof of Life" would have been better if they cast, say, Stallone in it, scrapped the melodrama and committed to the balls-out action film that is struggling to get out here. That may not have been a better film, but at least it wouldn't have had such a frustrating identity crisis. As it is, "Proof of Life" hits the ground running, and slowly runs out of steam. Too bad. (One side note, if you hate movies where the title of the film keeps coming up in the dialogue, stay far, far away from "Proof of Life". Here's a sample: "Is it proof of life or not. It is, isn't it. Its proof of life!")

russell s (mx) wrote: one of my favorite movies Chevy Chase at his best

Andrew J (ru) wrote: Fuck Ben Affleck hes a terrible actor and this is such a shit movie why was it made it makes me wanna kms so badly

jay E (fr) wrote: Truly scary but not a slasher gore movie

Khaled M (ru) wrote: Lovely, romantically platonic. sometimes you can find love the in the most unexpected places.

Sara P (jp) wrote: If Fallen and Virtuosity had a poorly written movie love child with special effects worse than Brainscan, this would be it. Terrible, but I was somehow still mildly entertained. Maybe it was the soundtrack?