Suburban Gothic

Suburban Gothic

An awkward, unemployed man who can talk to the dead teams up with a rebellious bartender to find the vengeful ghost that's been terrorizing their town.

Raymond has a prestigious MBA, but he can't find work. He can channel the paranormal, but chatting with a cute girl mystifies him. Kicked out of his big city apartment, Raymond returns home to his overbearing mother, ex-jock father, and beer-bellied classmates. But when a vengeful ghost terrorizes the small town, the city-boy recruits Becca, a badass local bartender, to solve the mystery of the spirit threatening everyone's lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Suburban Gothic torrent reviews

Lee T (nl) wrote: now this is martial art good.

Steve D (gb) wrote: Can not watch this I love Katharine Isabelle and am very sorry to see what her career is reduced to

Vicky P (fr) wrote: Interesting man, interesting times, and ultimately an interesting film, and surprisingly touching.

Andy W (us) wrote: Although this indie film gets a bit pretentious and preachy at times, it slowly engages the audience with more poignant issues such as urban gentrification and race, instead of the typical "indie romance". Great soundtrack, btw.

Brody M (us) wrote: The other side of the story

Nikki U (fr) wrote: I love usher movies and cds..

Murder C (de) wrote: John Canyon (Dennis Hopper) is a space trucker who together with a waitress named Cindy (Debi Mazar) and co-pilot named Mike (Stephen Dorff) are about to ship some secret cargo back to earth when they get hijacked by space pirates. This is straight up horrible movie, the special effects are awful, the story and characters are undeveloped and the movie is to goofy to be taken serious but at the same time to serious to be funny. I bet you have never heard about this movie before and my advice is that you keep it that way.

Bryony P (nl) wrote: It was really, really weird... But interesting and quite funny at the same time. Good animation and vocals too.

maggie c (kr) wrote: Oh i remember this movie.

Alex K (ru) wrote: I Like David Cronenberg.