A group of suburban teenagers try to support each other through the difficult task of becoming adults.

A group of suburban teenagers try to support each other through the difficult task of becoming adults. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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miles k (it) wrote: not horrible but very cheap laughs.

Tyler A (au) wrote: plays out a bit slow. the church hubby is real sociopath. wonder why jax didn't just tell cops he had her hostage. sad ending

Brandon S (ca) wrote: Weak zombie film starts off with a tiny bit of potential, but loses it very quickly. A town is overrun by hordes of zombies, which of course is the product of military testing, and the heroes are a trio of rejects from high school. How original is that, the problem is if you make a run of the mill horror flick that has been done many times before and better don't think that a metal soundtrack and a to be continued ending is going to save you. Lame!

Edith N (jp) wrote: A Story That Deserves a Better Treatment My disdain for this movie has nothing to do with its religious nature. I do think Biblical epics are frequently quite bad, but as Gwen points out, epics in general are frequently quite bad. It's also worth noting that this story comes from one of only two books in the Bible that never mentions God. (The other is Song of Songs.) It's about devotion to a people as much as devotion to a belief. One person in the story says he will pray for another, but he doesn't even actually specify to Whom. The movie makes considerably more ado about religion than the Bible does, which is rather to be expected in movies based on Biblical themes, especially these days, but even that isn't really the problem. The problem is that they take a beautiful, powerful story, gut it of most of what's best about it, and miscast it. The sets are lovely, but the costumes are wrong. It's a waste, all of it. The lovely young Hadassah (Tiffany Dupont), a Jewish girl and the niece of Mordecai (John Rhys-Davies), lives in Susa in the Persian Empire of King Xerxes (Luke Goss). One night, Xerxes is having a feast, and he sends for his wife, Vashti (Jyoti Dogra). She refuses to show herself before his drunken council of war. He puts her aside and swears that he will choose only the most beautiful, obedient virgin in the land as his new bride. Hadassah takes the name Esther--and is herself taken off the street to be one of the women hoping for her chance with the king. Esther at first doesn't much care, but she catches the eye of Xerxes and he the eye of her. They fall in love and are married--and she has not told him yet that she is a Jew. Meanwhile, Haman (James Callis) wants as much power in the court of Xerxes as he can get, but when Mordecai refuses to kneels to anyone but the king or God, he gets a law passed declaring all Jews traitors and their properties forfeit. Esther must stand up to be counted among the Jews in order to save them. Honestly, the silliest part of the movie is when Haman is telling an assemblage of Persian men of the joint evils of the Greeks and the Jews. The Greeks through their foul democracy and the Jews through their vile God believe the same thing, he declares--that all men are created equal! Do you really think you could be the equal of a [i]slave[/i]? Now, of course, the Jews had long considered themselves God's Chosen People, which last I checked means you think you're better than members of other nations. As for the Greeks--Greek democracy was nowhere near even as egalitarian as the earliest years of American democracy, much less as egalitarian as it's become. After all, Greek democracy prevented non-natives from voting, which the US has never done. And of course, the Greek attitude toward slavery was formed in no small part by the fact that plenty of people ended up as a slave for a few years over the course of their lives; slavery in Greece was not slavery in the US. They've given young Hadassah a boyfriend (I missed his name), who is one of dozens of men kidnapped off the streets and made into eunuchs to serve the hundreds of beautiful women. Which is just ridiculous. I mean, that's what slaves and prisoners of war are for, right? Quite a few of the actions Xerxes performs over the course of the movie seem designed to get him overthrown or assassinated. Yes, there's an assassination plot in the movie--it's what brings Mordecai to his attention, after all. However, he should have quite a lot more people angry at him, more people wanting him dead. Vashti's people, for one. I think she's shown to come from a conquered people, but it's still not the best way of going about things. In Bible and movie alike, the king is not shown thinking things through and ruling wisely. This is probably half because he's Persian, not Jewish, and half because quite a lot of the Bible is intended to show that having a king is a bad idea and that the priests should be in charge. Part of my problem is that few of these people actually look Middle Eastern, though I suppose I ought to be used to that by now. Worse, only some of them can act. John Rhys-Davies is a fine actor, and there is random Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole, though I'm not sure any of the three ever share screentime together. (O'Toole is the Prophet Samuel in a prologue that takes place well separated by time and space from the rest of the story.) However, Tiffany Dupont isn't even doing as much as she can with the stilted dialogue she's given. Luke Goss rather reminded me of Michael Wincott--Guy of Gisborne from [i]Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves[/i]--and I entertained myself vastly for a bit by pretending he was; I figured Esther would be dead by the time the film was out, and that would be more interesting. The costumes were much more Bollywood than Ancient Persia. And the whole thing with Esther's pendant is silly even if you ignore that Jews wouldn't use the Star of David as a symbol for thousands of years.

Cara B (jp) wrote: Idiocy on screen. I have no clue who funded this or why, but wow. Terribly unfunny, uncharming, uninspiring kid's movie featuring fart jokes, fart jokes, and more fart jokes! Pathetic.

Marina H (mx) wrote: Wonderful! Simply wonderful.

Sarah M (it) wrote: The cinematography reminded me of Meatballs or some other late-70s or early-80s movie, so I was surprised to find it was released in 2000. The story was extremely simple, with a lot of fart-jokes and Yooper in-jokes to fill the time. Blah blah blah ghosts and aliens and God and other supernatural stuff.Very obviously a directorial debut.On the plus side, now I get to make Jason watch two musicals, because he is a terrible bargainer. I should have gone for three.

Geraldine V (mx) wrote: Me atrae mucho pero no logro pillarla en esto del internet.

Kyle F (kr) wrote: Let down of a sequel to the classic.

Miguel G (fr) wrote: Strong performances; understated and cold and calculating. Great stuff.

Mickey M (gb) wrote: Four years ago, San Fransisco Police Detective "Jack Cates" (Nick Nolte) began an investigation on the a drug lord known only as "The Iceman". However, he is the only one who believes the person exists and has been told numerous times by superiors to stop his investigation. "Cates" has two prime suspects in his investigation, one of which is killed in a shootout with the detective when a nearby gas pump explodes. Since the suspect's gun is nowhere to be found, "Cates" is suspended indefinately. Once again, he must rely on jailed convict "Reggie Hammond" (Eddie Murphy) for help. But this time, "Hammond" is being released after a four-year stint behind bars. It is quickly learned that there is a price on his head because "Hammond" is the only one who has ever seen "The Iceman", and "Cates" takes it upon himself to protect the convict who helped him in a previous case (SEE: 48 Hrs.). "Reggie" is more than reluctant to join forces with the detective until a group of bikers attack the prison bus transporting him to the bus station. Another 48 Hrs. is a high-impact action flick with some good comic relief from Nolte and Murphy. The two lead stars still have good chemistry together as they did in the first film. There are some pretty good visuals in this movie. It has lots of energetic action, and impressive stunt work with motorcycles. However, there are no shots that will be remembered -- with exception to a really good bus rollover. The supporting cast is not well developed, but they do help move the movie along nicely. And the twist ending made me think it was not the actor who is known to play villains in film and television. It may not be as good as the first film, but Another 48 Hrs. is still a good flick nonetheless.

Troy T (br) wrote: Classic comedy, how comedy is suppose to be.

Loy M (br) wrote: I am not a big fan of Mushy Melodramatic Feel Good Comedy Girly Movies but once a while you do enjoy a great Mushy Melodramatic Feel Good Comedy Girly Movie. And Dave is definitely one of them. Director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Evolution, I love you Man) gives us Ordinary Story a Brilliant Screen Adaptation and makes it not just Entertaining and Engaging, but gives the movie its Twists, Turn and Heartfelt moments. The Cast - Kevin Kline who takes on the Lead Role along with Sigourney Weaver, Frank Langella, Ving Rhames and Ben Kingsley as Supporting Roles give us a Fantastic Performance with their Chemistry and Screen Presence. I think what I loved the most was how the movie unfolded which left me quite intrigued and feeling good after I watched the movie.Moment of TruthI loved this movie. It's a good watch.Overall RatingsSurprisingly a 9 out of 10

Frit F (es) wrote: A wonderful, inspiring, & heartwarming film. It's nolstagic, well directed/written, & has an unforgettable and important story. What a film, and a criminally underrated coming of age film at that.