Such Good Friends

Such Good Friends

While awaiting the outcome of her husband's surgery, Julie Messinger discovers he has been having affairs.

Julie Messinger has it made. She is a New York housewife whose husband, Richard, is an editor for a prominent photography magazine. They have a small circle of friends, including well-meaning, but inept Dr. Timothy Spector, photographer Cal Whiting and Cal's live-in girlfriend Miranda. Julie's mother spends her days getting pedicures and manicures, applying make-up and fake eye-lashes and buying expensive clothes, all the while criticizing her daughter for her looks and behavior. When Richard goes into the hospital for a minor mole-removal surgery, Julie gets more than she bargained for. Richard suffers from complications and goes into a coma, supposedly caused by a rare surgical factor, and she gathers friends and family together, culminating in a hilarious "quasi-cocktail-party" scene in the blood donation center of the hospital. While dealing with red tape, hospital bureaucracy and clueless doctors, Julie discovers her husband's "little black book," which contains the names of her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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chad k (jp) wrote: This movie was so very slow. Nothing original about this one folks. Nothing made sense at beginning and played out. Nothing but a few slamming doors and a few mind tricks. I've seen so much better for instance the film Mama. I don't recommend this film to any horror film fans out there. You'll be very bored and practically fall asleep with this one.

Lucile D (ag) wrote: I wish the journalist would have been as neutral as the BBC as he was perhaps too much on the side of the oligarch.

Amanda H (ca) wrote: If it wasn't for the fact that I really like several of the actors, I probably wouldn't have stuck this out. The character study is good, but there's just not a lot of point. While the acting is really pretty impressive, I really wish the actors had been given more to do. I guess if nothing else, it serves to make you feel better about yourself because it can't possibly be as screwed up as these people are.

Jason K (us) wrote: one of Lam's early works, big fan of his stuff since (viral factor is incredible), - this is a good overview of what you can do on a budget with some creative vision. story-somrey

Christine D (fr) wrote: Found this amusing. It put a smile on my face. Storyline was ok but the humour was good.

William W (it) wrote: The other day, my lady Tammy and I watched director Glazer's recent 'Under the Skin' and loved its otherworldly wackiness and ambience, and as I had his first two films on DVD, we decided that at the very least, this first one demanded immediate investigation. I've adored Ray Winstone's work since his early days working in the films of Sir Alan Clarke, and Ben Kingsley's always a treat. Watching the characters brought back such awesome memories of my teenage days, travelling throughout England and continental Europe in December, 1986, as well. We can't wait to hopefully check out 'Birth' later this week...This was definitely one of the best and most original British gangster movies since the likes of 'The Long Good Friday' and 'Mona Lisa' from that era...

Angela M (de) wrote: I can't believe that this has such low ratings. FIVE STARS FOR CHRISTMAS, PEOPLE.

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Grant W (it) wrote: Grant Winestock and His Week of Wondering what happened in this film.

James M (gb) wrote: Classic whodunit based on a novel by Agatha Christie in which 10 strangers are invited to a remote island off the coast of England by a faceless host only to discover that their assembly has a more ominous plan in store, as one by one they are murdered and point fingers at each other in a state of paranoia with no means of escape from the island.The idea has been done since, but nowhere near as good as this brilliant original, with atmospheric photography and sets, tense direction by Rene Clair, an array of brilliant performances and a story which always keeps the viewer second guessing.

Timm S (mx) wrote: Pretty Much In My Up There In My Top-10 Of Worse Movies I Have Ever Seen. Tries It's Best To Be Gripping & Thriller-Driven But Just Fails On So Many Levels (Acting, Effects, Storyline, Lame-Ass Twists In Plot, Direction-Pacing, Locations, Casting..On & On)...The 'Dylan' Kid Of The Family Was Also So Freskin' Annyoying...He Kept On Being Saved From His Own Dumb Mistakes, I Woulda Had No Time For That In This Super-Natural (Somewhat Very Unbelievable) Disaster.

Biswajeet M (fr) wrote: The pairing of my favorite actor and actress failed to impress because every good movie needs a good story, even shallow romcoms. The movie is watchable if you like Hanks and Julia, but mostly fails to entertain cravings of any genre.

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