The film follows a petty rock band called the Winners, consisting of vocalist Joey Winner, bassist Jennifer, guitarist Tyler, drummer Sam, and French-Canadian roadie Hugo, along with their sleazy manager Jeff, as they tour across Canada and the USA after Jennifer is turned into a vampire by Queeny. Meanwhile, a vampire hunter who is afraid of the dark named Eddie Van Helsing quickly chases them down.

A comedy centered on a rock 'n' roll band that will do anything to become famous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester K (au) wrote: Wow, DiBlasi stayed true to the short story and added a twist at the end. I really enjoyed the colour and the lighting in the film, the weird camera tracking angle of the axe was great. The film really became disturbing with all the weird elements. It. Some parts are really dreadful and slow paced, you just wanna skip through it. And the fear of Quaid didn't make much sense. But overall, it's a clever adaptation of Barker's work.

Reetuparna D (au) wrote: The ending sort of spoiled it for me..

Jared B (ag) wrote: Fantastic movie! The lack of dialog, awkward moments and imperfections made this movie all the more realistic.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: Ali MacGraw and Ryan O' Neal have good chemistry, but the romance feels too rushed to even have a reason for chemistry like this.

James S (ru) wrote: Gamera, the flying turtle...a direct response to Godzilla in the Japanese monster movie genre of the 1960's. The differences are almost too many to mention, but I will do a bit of comparison. Godzilla was a direct result of the dropping of the bombs in WWII. The character as well as the condition he left Tokyo struck a fearsome chord into the audience to where it was aimed. Gamera does not do that, nor does it attempt to do so. Like Godzilla, it is (re)born from a nuclear explosion, it does some of the characteristic things in Tokyo like step on train tracks and push over a radio/TV tower. Those silly humans even try to stop it with electricity. When it came to the characteristics of Gamera, I found little originality in its approach. I will say that the character immediately goes toward children when Gamera saves the life of a child. The movie has many technical problems. It has continuity problems (daylight vs. night time). The models are not very realistic...even for 1965. Why the high rating? The movie does attempt to make some social statements, but the real highlight is the arguement between the two professors on the television show (one played by a young Alan Oppenheimer). Pretty dumb. If you do not like this type of a movie, think twice before seeing this one.

WaiMing L (it) wrote: Really good film - enjoyed it.

Raelene S (ru) wrote: I think this is my favourite Fred Astaire movie so far, i think i was born in the wrong era.

Brenda R (ru) wrote: i own it, but haven't watched it yet with sound. We played it on the wall at the CV Classic Hollywood end of year party. It looked like fun.

Kevin N (it) wrote: This was the film that really kicked off Jean Renoir's prolific sound film period in the thirties, and while it may not have the technical brilliance of 'The Rules of the Game' or the profound storytelling of 'Grand Illusion', it shows Renoir at his most playful, and it features an incredible scene-chewing performance by Michel Simon. The story concerns a bum named Boudu (played by Simon) who, after losing his dog, decides to end it all by leaping into a river in a bourgeoisie neighborhood in the center of Paris. Unluckily for him, rich bookshop owner Lastingois (Charles Granval) witnesses the attempt while watching girls from his window with a pair of binoculars. The man rushes out and leaps into the water, saving Boudu. Encouraged by his large heart and the crowd of witnesses, he invites Boudu to stay with him, his wife and their young, pretty servant (and his mistress). Boudu accepts reluctantly, only to become a royal pain in the ass for Lastingois and company. The film is very funny, particularly because it picks on both upper class convention and the barbarity of civilization's outcasts. Boudu and Lastingois switch off as the butt of Renoir's jokes, and after awhile we become attached to them because of their flaws. Lastingois is so patient, and tries so admirably to do a good deed; Boudu is so reckless, just a dog himself let loose in a house filled with nice things. This was based off a play, but Renoir's eye for composition makes this an entirely cinematic affair, and a highly entertaining one at that.

Jenny S (de) wrote: This is the Best one ever that I want to watch.

Anthony G (ca) wrote: "Boyz n the Hood" was nominated for the Academy Awards for "Best Director" making John Singleton the youngest and the first African American director to get that suggestion in history and it was well deserved. This is a film about the fictionalized and poignant summaries of one of America's arduous internal problems - violence, poverty, racism, and drug abuse. This is not demoralized hip hop flick, nor a detached and dehumanized story about ghetto violence, it's a story about maintaining your human qualities growing up without a mother and father in a death zone, where people do not value the lives of others and their own lives slightly more. This is an exemplary directional debut from John Singleton, who managed to create an all time classic.

Brian J (mx) wrote: Not a big fan of this film. The part where he made the guy eat the watch was asinine.

Tyson J (mx) wrote: I like this movie a lot, because it deals with things i can relate to. it has a great story line of true life events in this world. As a teen it makes me want to make a difference in my school and community. The characters of this are perfect in their roles, as they all seem to have a big part in the movie. I really enjoyed this movie and would watch it again.