Sueños lejanos

Sueños lejanos

In 1987, 'Negro', 11 years old, and 'Gringo', one year younger, worked together like so many other children at Lima's Wholesale Fruit Market. In the short-film 'Little Men Meet' they shared...

In 1987, 'Negro', 11 years old, and 'Gringo', one year younger, worked together like so many other children at Lima's Wholesale Fruit Market. In the short-film 'Little Men Meet' they shared... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kireau K (nl) wrote: based on Robert Durst's legal meanderings. if you ever need a lawyer in Houston, hire Dick DeGuerin!

Steve P (de) wrote: Solid, if over long, "David & Goliath" story. Provides an interesting background story to the intermittent wiper blade!

Elodie C (jp) wrote: I did not like this very much.

Francesca F (ca) wrote: Slow, but sweet characters. TPS reports for girls. TV, 16/02/08

Stewart G (br) wrote: Oh man where do i start with this one. This is probably one of the nastiest and hysterically funny movies i've ever seen. It deserves it banned status for a number of reasons many of which i don't want to mention as it would spoil it but it is not a good movie in any way. This film has became a moment of comedy greatness for me and my friends as it is so over the top that you can't help but piss yourself. It also contians one of the funniest, infectious and most down right awful tunes i've heard in my life and once heard never forgotten. Nico Mastorakis decided to cash in on the video nasty era with this attempt and when watching it its hard not to notice thats a fact. Terrible acting, awful script, shocking direction and of absolutely no merit other than the fact it's hilarious. If you like laughing at dodgy old horrors then look no farther this is one for you."Destination, understanding, destination is impending, get the sword! get the sword!"

Eduardo C (ca) wrote: Be patient with this one! It's only 81 minutes and the first 12 minutes is simply a minister saying mass. He performs the mass very rigidly and there are only a few people in the congregation, and that's important because that sets the tone. The minister is not feeling well due to a cold and he learns one of the parishioners who attended the mass needs to see him afterwards. The parishioner is very depressed and is paranoid about the future. Unfortunately for him , when he does he does meet with the minister the priest does not do a good job listening to him because we learn the minister is very depressed himself but never publicly shows it. The minister became a minister because his parents expected him to become one. We learn the minister is doubtful of God's love and/or purposes and unfortunately confuses the parishioner in his time of need, which leads to tragic results. We learn the priest is in heavy emotional pain because his beloved wife had passed away 4 years earlier and that he is cold-hearted and even resentful of the woman who now loves him and is trying to save him. The ending is absolutely spellbinding. His assistant is describing the pain of Christ right before the crucifixion in the last hours of his life, by saying the true pain of Jesus was not physical, but emotional, mental ,and psychic pain by describing how exactly the disciples disappointed and frustrated Jesus by not understanding Jesus at all, and how that must of felt devastating to Jesus. And everything he says describes the priest's inner torments exactly. This is the film Bergman was born to make. This is his masterpiece when all his profound themes gelled together perfectly.

Tyler S (jp) wrote: Very silly at times and far from perfect, DRC brought back personal memories of road trips to see my favorite bands. Also being a fan of everything 70s I loved thr music and styles involved. I love the premise that 4 young fans will do anything to see their favorite band.

dude m (jp) wrote: I paid $16 for this... 16 DOLLARS! This movie sucks.

Jose Miguel G (fr) wrote: A brutally visceral depiction of the real world from the perspective of teenager from Edinburgh, Irvine Welsh's masterpiece is recreated almost perfectly in movie format thanks to Boyle's great direction, fantastic performances by an incredible cast and enough humor and social commentary to feed the most hardcore movie-gore demands.