Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill

Hardened, uncomprimising drug dealer Roemello Skuggs decides to quit his scumbag profession so he may start a new life with his girlfriend. However, he soon learns getting out is nowhere ...

The movie follows two druglord brothers who have a mob-like crime empire in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem. One of them decides to quit to start a new life with his girlfriend. But it turns out not easy at all, as everything gradually builds up to end in tragedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sugar Hill torrent reviews

Adam H (it) wrote: A compelling and stimulating account of bravery and hope. Precision cinematography and compelling acting.

Ernesto G (mx) wrote: una pelicula muy bien lograda con algo de comedia oscura ,metaforas y referencias a el pesimismo y el mal con buenas actuaciones y conmovedora

Liliane S (us) wrote: Sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny... but it is a real pleasure to watch Gad Elmaleh in a movie!

Martin T (kr) wrote: I enjoyed watching this very much. It's nice to see a world where people are kind to each other. There's no fights, no violence, no hate in this movie. Just a father and son (and Lao'er, the faithful German Shepherd) getting to know each other better. Very sweet and moving.

Reece H (kr) wrote: It was ok not really funny and original but it was ok.

Paco R (fr) wrote: Awesome fight scnes, utterly pish movie. Worst acting of the 80s combined with a shitty soundtrack that could have been makde by Enya and an unadventurous plot.The main bad guy is hard as nails, stabbed in the stomach and heart and he keeps going, nails.

Donnie B (ru) wrote: B-movie heaven? Pretty much.

Adam L (nl) wrote: Chang Cheh was often guilty of having an unnerving fetish for blood and as gratuitous as it could be at times at least it was rarely dull. In "King Eagle" the prolific Shaw Brothers director doesn't appear to be particularly interested in bloodletting or anything else for that matter. Everything you see here is Shaw Brothers stock which is fine if you're an addict of the popular studio's output but everyone else will be checking their watches way too often for a film that isn't even 90 minutes long.

dan b (kr) wrote: The plot borrows heavily from King Kong and there are some unintentional laughs (as well as an intentional one involving a young uncredited Clint Eastwood), but the star of the show "Gill Man" makes this a classic monster movie.

Carlo C (de) wrote: El papel de ex-existoso, amargadon, frustrado que siempre logra arreglar lo que le va mal, le sale muy bien a Hugh Grant, esto en el rollo de la comedia romntica, con un twist de cierta calidad literaria, la vuelve una pelcula agradable y relajante.