Sugar Mommas

Sugar Mommas

Comedy - Sisters Sheila (Terri J. Vaughn) and Lynn (Vanessa Williams) have lived very different lives, but they're both at a crossroads and need a change. With little in common except their love for sweets, they partner with their close friend Tommi (Rachel True, Half & Half) to open a bakery. It seems their recipe for success is complete, but these three strong, independent women are as distinct as the cupcake flavors they invent. - Thomas Mikal Ford, Ernestine Johnson, Thomas Ramseur-King

Sisters Sheila and Lynn have little in common except their love for sweets. In need of a change, they partner with their close friend Tommi to open a bakery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristiana G (ca) wrote: I would say - more drama, romance than comedy

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (nl) wrote: Boring, and not that interesting...

Scott R (ru) wrote: Saw it this past Tuesday night. Great movie.

Kim D (de) wrote: 50 Cent inspires me to save my money in the nightstand next to my bed.

Alice W (nl) wrote: not as good as the prequels

Allen G (nl) wrote: Despite the poor rating, 5 minutes into this one and I was beginning to have high hopes, of course, those 5 minutes at the start were the best thing in this film and afterwards it quickly descended into everything I'd feared it would before going in. There's some good elements here- its well-shot and atmospheric with a good score and some nice artsy scenes to go with it. The premise, though doomed to fail, was one that had to be done eventually in a modern-movie and it looked like this one was going to get it right at first. Then the movie went on- the dialogue was relatively boring from the get go but not enough to ruin everything and the combination of Chirstensen and Alba was not smart for me- they both have relatively subdued styles and when put together it can take away from a film's intensity, though the rest of the cast weren't bad. Anyway- had it kept its cool, this wouldn't have been enough to ruin the movie. It didn't keep its cool though, in fact, far from it, it went from interesting (for a very short moment), to a bit dull (for a little while) to farcical bulge (most of the damn movie.) All this is is another 'I can add a plot twist' movie that hides behind a more interesting idea- if this was a jigsaw it'd only have ten pieces and you still wouldn't be bothered doing it. I was intrigued to see how they'd deal with the anaesthetic awareness since that was where I figured the movie would fall flat, and it wasn't particularly strong but it wasn't a massive failure in that sense- I had some sympathy. Then the pointless twists came, they were neither difficult, interesting or worthwhile and simply ruined any chance the film had of being good. It indeed becomes a laughable mess of basic ideas as if Harold was trying to get everything that he could in there, a common mistake for a first-time screenwriter. (though it felt well-directed in some ways) All this film equates to is a poor trick, a shock-fest that is a prime example of how much over-playing your hand can ruin something- any one of the many twists used here could have made for a good film, but they were all badly-executed and combined together until I couldn't help but laugh. It isn't a horror because, aside from being slightly cringe-worthy once or twice, it provides no scares. It isn't a thriller because, um, it isn't thrilling, it isn't a mystery & suspense film either because the only mystery is why this movie was made and the only suspense is when the thing will end. When you take a premise that is going to be difficult then you already have a task on your hands- this film suggests that the task was too much and that it decided instead to be as typical and below-par as any cash-grabbing summer movie. 'Hmm the voice over thing isn't working, let's add a plot twist!' is the only thought this film seems to have. Its just so sloppy, scripts like this make me wonder why I'm not writing movies- I'd do a hell of a better job than this! This film fails on its premise (which I fully expected anyway) but then has several other additional failures that are simply unforgivable. Its sad because, I went into this with a sympathetic approach- with the first two twists I was still interested despite already knowing that it was beyond saving but then it didn't stop there and I just wanted it to end, and then it had a bad ending to top it all off. The late Roger Ebert rated this one fresh and stated that he "may be the slowest tomato on the meter, but (he) did not anticipate the surprises". I get what he is saying- I didn't go in expecting a plot-twister and so I didn't start looking for clues (though they all would have been blatantly obvious had I bothered) but we differ in that, unlike him, my interest was not sustained. Ebert accepted that the film is "preposterous" but he said that he felt "real suspense". I did not, and I think that even if I had- this one still went too far. I added this section just to state that, as I generally like something plausible, that maybe I'm being too harsh with this one. I don't think so though. I'm just rambling on here and turning into the damn movie but hopefully it's all the warning you need- if you want a film that's interesting, look elsewhere. If you want a film with great acting- look elsewhere. If you want a film with a plot- look elsewhere. If you want a film worth-watching look elsewhere. I reward it for looking fresh, its nice score and the arsty scenes- though when put into the context of the film they become as laughable as the rest of the affair. Any of the points I give to this one go to the lighting people I guess? And the camera people, that's it. Also, it has a good blooper reel (intentionally funny at least!) that's genuinely better than the film.

April W (nl) wrote: Sort of hard to follow at times, but not a bad movie...

Sarah F (it) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

Alex S (gb) wrote: Interesting if solely for a look at the tongue-in-cheek backlash at comics of the 60s. Never seen a Jerry Lewis film before or heard of his partnership with Dean Martin. Lewis is certainly a lively comic presence and the film tops early in the "Let's Play Pretend" number. In the romantic sidelines, props to Shirley MacClaine for putting any dignity aside for laughs, but the Dean Martin/Dorothy Malone storyline is merely labored.

Leandro C (kr) wrote: This is the end of your rotten life, you motherfuckin' dope pusher!

Andre R (fr) wrote: Too simplistic of an American remake, unfortunately.